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Bilingual Kids

Moms tend to have very special relationships with their young kids.  I love nurturing this relationship with my daughter and having books that celebrate our relationship.  I'm sharing with you a list of books that celebrate moms that are perfect to encourage their bilingual journey.  Most of these books we have, others are on our to buy list.  Is your favorite one here?
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Growing up as a Hispanic kid in Miami, Florida, I loved books.  My favorite place in the world was the library.  I would immerse myself in books and stories, yet these books and stories never reflected the world I lived in (me below in elementary school).  Fast forward to today, where I am raising a multicultural child, it is important to me that she grows up understanding about differences in cultures, skin colors, and socioeconomic statuses reflective of the multicultural world she lives in today.  Books can help.  See some of our top favorites and other highly rated books that celebrate being different.
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A new year brings with it new opportunities to define resolutions or goals.  As a mom, it is important to me that my goals also include my child and family.  As a Latina mom raising a bilingual, multicultural child, it is important to me that I continue on my bilingual journey, having goals, but not stressing out about specifics.  You want your bilingual journey as a family to be natural and as stress free as possible.  Here are my goals for the new year that you, as a bilingual or multicultural parent, may relate to or may inspire you:
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Thanksgiving is around the corner and as a mom, you may be already stressing out about the holiday, because doesn’t that also mean Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas?!!  Who has time to teach kids Spanish and do activities with their kids?  I know, life is hectic, but I have 7 Spanish words that will teach your child about the essence of Thanksgiving with simple activities that will help them understand each meaning.  Not a lot of time but a big return.
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Hispanic Heritage Month is here and it's time to celebrate our Hispanic Heritage!  I couldn't find a list of children's books that were specific to Hispanic and Latin countries so I decided to create one. There are so many countries and each one celebrates it's culture, traditions, and even may speak Spanish differently, um plátano or banano?  Though we may be grouped by many as simply being Hispanic, Latino, or Mexican, the truth is that our countries are all different and these books celebrate our individual countries.  See what great children's book you can get to celebrate your Hispanic Heritage this month!
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