Must Have Bilingual Books for Celebrating Día de los Muertos

Must Have Bilingual Books for Celebrating Día de los Muertos

by Lizette Carrk

As a Latina mom it is so important to pass down my Hispanic Heritage to “los bodques”. Día de los Muertos is such a special celebration for many Latino cultures and especially big in Mexico. I grew up celebrating every year, it was a whole affair. First, we would go to el Mercado de Portales to get everything for the ofrenda (the altar) calaveritas de azúcar and chocolate, flores de zempasúchitl (marigold flowers) and of course the pumpkins and mole for the food. In Mexico, we prepare our ancestor’s favorite dishes and wrap them very well so they can last for a week or so and place them in the ofrenda. Do you celebrate in your country? What are the special dishes or ways to celebrate?

A couple of ways for passing our Latino traditions are of course celebrating in your own home and making the little Latinx part of it, music, and our beloved books. Here are some of our top pics:

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Top Bilingual Spanish Halloween Books for 2020

Top Bilingual Spanish Halloween Books for 2020

by Lizette Carrk

Growing up Latino, October was always a festive month, we celebrated Halloween but also Dia de Muertos. There would be decorations all around the city and we would have a party at school, get to dress up and “pedir la calaverita” <trick or treat>. I am so excited to celebrate now with “los bodoques” and get to pick a costume, decorate altogether and do some pumpkin carving – or painting for them. Sharing the best of both cultures with my little Latinx. 

Let’s get in the Halloween mood with these awesome bilingual books for Latino kids...

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