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Oh, Valentine's Day, El Dia de Los Enamorados as we Latinos call it.  An event to celebrate your love and affection, your union to your loved one, and all that blah blah blah.  Do you know what I really want?...


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We're in the middle of summer and it has been hot, full of swimming lessons, outdoor play, baseball games, and family fun.  My daughter will be attending a new preschool in September and I asked my sister, 20 year experienced preschool teacher, Dasy Perez how I could help my daughter get ready for school after a fun filled summer?  Here are her suggestions:
  • 5 min read
My daughter is now 3. Is she fully potty trained? Well, yes kind of sort of, um I guess the right answer is no.   When I hear parents say that they potty trained their child in 2 days, I am baffled. When should you start potty training? What should you do? What are some tools you can use? When should you not potty train?  Because this is such a huge part of toddlerhood, I wanted to ask my sister Dasy Perez (18 year experienced preschool teacher) for her advice on the matter.
  • 7 min read
As many of you know I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day.  I prefer to celebrate amor & kindness any other day and avoid the crowds and clichés, but that's just me.  I am now happily married and can tell you the best and worst things to do on Valentine's Day.  So pay attention caballeros.  Ladies, you're not off the hook, I have some advice for you too that'll make him very happy.
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When you have children it's hard NOT to shift your focus to that little human.  We want to raise them, pass down our traditions, teach them what our parents taught us (at least the good parts), create new memories, and hopefully not scar them in any way for life.  According to scientific research couple's with Preschool kids are the unhappiest in their marriages.  What about our spouses and our partners?  We shouldn't have to wait til our kids turn 18 to be happy again as a couple. We can cultivate our marriages and create loving memories and traditions of our very own.

So instead of buying her chocolates and buying him a watch every year, here are some couples traditions ideas that you can start on Valentine's Day (or any day), that will make your bond stronger, give you something to look forward to, and can help your marriage from becoming simple daily routine.

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A new year, new goals, maybe it’s to be healthier, spend more time with your familia, or cut down that debt and save more. Lo que mi mamá me enseño del dinero...Not much!
  • 7 min read
We as mamás always tend to put everyone else first and leave ourselves last.  We may not hesitate to spend $50 easily on someone we love but we may think twice about spending that on ourselves.  I think it's built into the mamá DNA, the always giving giving giving, but what about us?
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