How This Bilingual Subscription Box is Helping Latina Moms

How This Bilingual Subscription Box is Helping Latina Moms

by Janny Perez February 13, 2018

Hi I'm Janny Perez, proud immigrant daughter, Latina mom to Threenager Victoria Grace, rockstar wife, and founder of Mi Legasi.™  As a proud Latina, I wanted my multicultural daughter to embrace her Latino roots.  I wanted her to learn Español and grow up in a family rooted in old and new traditions.  As a working mamá I completely understand that we have a million things to do and sometimes while we have the best intentions we simply get caught in the day to day.  I wanted to create a thoughtful, time saving, delivered gift box for Latino or multicultural families striving to pass down their culture and traditions to their children, and so, Mi LegaSi was born. Pronounced "Me Legacy."

I'm so happy to share with you a closer look at Mi Legasi's January/February Box.  We listened to our Legasi mamás and made some changes including a now lower priced box ($24.99) fit for the entire familia.  We hope you are happy with the results!  Our February theme was Amor and Kindness for all living things and rather than focus specifically on Valentine's Day we wanted to send the message to kids and our familias that amor and kindness extends beyond our familia and friends and means taking care of animals, nature, and ourselves too.

Mi legasi February Box

Since our focus was kindness we created some kindness traditions worth passing down.  Let's see how we helped you Connect, Create, and Carry on  this month.  

Mi Legasi February Kindness Box

Kindness Tradición - Love and Acceptance

Book - Nosotros by Paloma Valdivia

Mi Legasi Nosotros

Nosotros is a beautifully illustrated book by award winning Chilean illustrator and writer, Paloma Valdivia, that teaches us that the love and Connection between a Mamá and her child will remain no matter how we change.  The book is great because it references animals beyond the gato and perro and will help expand your child's vocabulary.  According to research the benefits of being bilingual include increased cognitive ability, increased listening skills, higher memory retention and so much more!

Mi Legasi Nosotros

Mi Legasi Nosotros Book2

We have a few of these books left, if you would like to add it to your collection shop here.


Kindness Tradición - Self Love

Sweat Now - Tacos Later Water Bottle for Mamá

Being Kind also means Connecting with our bodies and we're encouraging you to sweat and hydrate in our Mi Legasi exclusive (BPA Free) "Sweat Now - Tacos Later" 24 oz Flip Top Slim Sports Bottle.  Get moving and sweating!  Your body will thank you later when you indulge.  Every box contains a special gift just for mamá like this one.  As moms we are always giving so it's nice when you get a surprise gift.

Sweat Now Tacos Later

Love the bottle? You can get yours here, while supplies last!

Kindness Tradición: Giving

Heart Card Holders Craft Activity

Mi Legasi Heart Card Craft

Our kids Create activity were these Heart Card Holders, a great activity to boost your child's creative and fine motor skills important skills that "lay the foundation for academic learning in later years,"  according to Parents Magazine. You can also boost their Spanish learning by helping them create words like Amor, Abuela, or Papa and give them as a gift!  My daughter loved creating her Valentine's gift for Papá.

Mi Legasi Heart Card1

Lots of foam stickers to decorate so they can be very creative.

Mi Legasi Heart Card2

I helped Victoria write Besos, Papa, Kind, and Love.

Mi Legasi Heart Card3

She later followed with a special "H" is for Hope (our dog) and "M" is for Mamá.

Mi Legasi Heart Card5

She finished by lacing the two hearts together forming a Heart Holder.

Kindness Tradición: Laughter & Quality Familia Time

Mi LegaSi Bilingual Kindness Bingo

Mamás said they wanted family activities too, so what better way to start family game night and Carry On this tradition than with this Bingo game. 

The benefits of familia time according to Nourish Interactive include:

  • Creates a stronger emotional bond between parents and children.
  • Provides communication between family members.
  • Excellence in school, as children who spend time communicating with their parents tend to get better grades.
  • Less behavioral problems, since kids with parents who spend quality family time together typically have fewer problem behaviors.

Enjoy the benefits and everyone in your familia will have fun playing our very own Bilingual Kindness Bingo.    Your children will have fun learning Spanish while being interactive and learning the different ways to be kind. We have played this game various times and I am teaching my daughter what the different pictures are and she repeats.

Mi LegaSi Kindness Bilingual Bingo

Love the game idea?  You can purchase & download Here, and play at home with your familia!  Make sure Abuela doesn't cheat ;)


Kindness Tradición: Planting a Seed

Marigolds/Caléndulas Seeds Packet

Marigolds or Caléndulas are very symbolic in our Latino culture.  We wanted to Carry On our culture and picked a flower rooted in our tradición to teach our kids that planting seeds are one of the ways you can be kind to all living things, including plants.  And growing plants has a lot of benefits according to The Organic Daily Post  like improved memory and concentration, they make you happier, and better relationships.

Mi Legasi Marigolds Calendulas

My daughter had a blast planting these seeds.  We had leftover letters and hearts from the Heart Card Activity so we decided to decorate and Create festive planters.


I like upcycling and recycling so we had leftover plastic cups from Christmas and used those. 

Mi Legasi Seeds of Tradition

We made 3 holes in each so the water can properly drain.

Then we added soil and made a small hole in the center.

Then we inserted 3 seeds inside the hole and recovered it with soil.  I recommend doing at least 3 plants.  2 of ours have started to blossom 1 seems to not be growing.

Mi Legasi Seeds

It's been almost 3 weeks since we planted them (lots of leftover seeds great if you have a yard) and they've already begun to grow.  Victoria checks them everyday and is so thrilled that they are coming to life!

Kindness Tradición: Caring

Mi Legasi Watering & Growth Reward Chart & Stickers

We wanted to give our kids an incentive to take care of their plant and created this exclusive Watering Plant & Growth Reward Chart. 

Mi Legasi Plant Watering Chart

They can track their plant's growth progress on a weekly basis while learning the different days of the week and counting to 10 in Spanish. 

Mi Legasi Seeds of Tradition

You can even reward them with Spanish Stickers that say "Muy Bien" or "Especial!"  Since we live in a colder environment we water our Marigolds once a week, however, my daughter checks everyday to see if they need water.  It's wonderful to see that at almost 3 years old Victoria is learning how she can be kind to nature.

Mi Legasi Seeds

Love this growth chart?  You can download and purchase the modified version Here that works for any plant.  Stickers are not included.

Final Thoughts

I had so much fun working and creating many of the items in our box and my daughter has truly loved every item.  She is the true product tester.  Mi Legasi is not like any other subscription box out there.  Our focus is not just Spanish books or throwing toys into a box, there are subscription boxes out there for just that.  Our focus is familia and empowering you to Connect, Create, and Carry on. 

Know that alot of thought and care goes into our boxes and you are supporting a Latina small business owner determined to make a difference.  From the bottom of my heart Mil Gracias! 

Our next box will ship out April 2nd.    We are taking orders for our April boxes starting now, don't end up on the wait list, get yours here

Take advantage of Free Shipping on your first order when you sign up for our mailing list! 

Janny Perez
Janny Perez


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