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Behind the Launchbox Scenes with Mi LegaSi!

by Janny Perez November 02, 2017

It's been quite the road getting here, and to be completely honest, it hasn't been an easy one.  I want to inspire you to go after your dreams, to inspire your kids to dream big, that they too can do whatever they set their minds and hard work to.  I am ever so grateful for this new chapter in my life,  one that is filled with hope, aspirations, inspirations, but is also filled with days of doubt, insecurity, and exhaustion.  I'd be lying to you and to myself if I didn't say that there are days where I think, "WTF was I thinking?" and then there are those days where I look at my little girl and KNOW why I do what I do.

It's November 2017 Gratitude Month and almost a year since I had this idea to create a side hustle that brought more meaning into my life and the lives of others.  I am so grateful for my sister with her many years of education experience and my best friend Vanessa and mommy consultant.   It's so true and cliché that your life changes when you have a child, but it truly does.  While my other job (www.justjanny.com if you're curious) hasn't changed, my hope is to build a company that inspires mamás and familias and helps them keep their traditions alive while creating new ones.  Together we can build and help support the Latino community, small businesses, and artists so we can stay connected to our roots.

I am Grateful For...

Our Launchbox is ready to ship and I'm so grateful for your support.  I was lucky to have my sister and mami visiting to help put the boxes together.  Yes, it's done right out of my Brooklyn home (right now at least).  I will say that it was a very happy day, casi que no me la creo (almost couldn't believe) and extra special because I had my family with me.

Launchbox Day!

Subscription Boxes

And of course it can't be all work and no play, especially during Halloween, so we took a break so my Princess Elena could go have her "Tricotri!" We Connected as a familia and continued this tradition.  Unfortunately, my husband (a musician) could not be with us as he is away on tour :(


Which brings us back to Mi LegaSi boxes.  They were packed as a familia as we listened to Shakira, danced, laughed, and celebrated so many things...familia, amor, dreams, hard work, and unity.  Every family is different, mine means the world to me, GRACIAS familia.  It is with humilty that I say GRACIAS for welcoming Mi LegaSi into your lives y GRACIAS te doy Señor por todo (Thank you God for everything).

Sneak Peak

This is just the beginning of something great!

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Janny Perez
Janny Perez


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