Cooperate and Pack a Primavera Picnic! - Behind Mi Legasi's April Bilingual Box

Cooperate and Pack a Primavera Picnic! - Behind Mi Legasi's April Bilingual Box

by Janny Perez April 11, 2018

It's Primavera!  Spring has arrived, although if you live anywhere along the east coast you know that Spring has really not arrived for us.  For April we wanted to focus on cooperation and letting the whole family join in on the picnic planning. I'm so happy to share with you a closer look at our April Box.  It was so much fun to put together.  Let's see how we helped mamás and familias Connect & Create so they can Carry on their spring traditions.

Mi LegaSi April Box

Book: Freda Organiza una Merienda

Mi Legasi Freda Organiza Una Merienda

Mi Legasi Freda Organiza Una merienda  Mi Legasi Freda Organiza Una merienda

Written by Stuart J. Murphy, this is a great book that will teach your child about sequencing and how they can cooperate and pack and unpack a picnic.  Read more about the effectiveness of visual learning here. This is Victoria's favorite new book.  She especially loves the call out picture boxes and I like the questions at the back to make it more interactive. Want to teach your child about cooperation?  Check out this similar title:

Eat, Drink and ¡Vive! Go Everywhere Tote For Mom

Because you need a bag for your picnic and we've got you covered.  Our exclusive heavyweight tote bag can be used for just about any occasion.  I'm proud to sport mine around NYC because life's too short...Vive!  I can also tell you I get alot smiles when I sport this bag.

Mi Legasi Tote Bag

Create a Picnic Sticker Scene

My daughter loved creating her very own picnic scene and I loved how simple and easy it was.  I made sure to promote healthy eating habits by helping Victoria put together a healthy picnic and leaving fast foods out.  As a busy working mom I like easy activities that still educate and can enhance my daughter's creative and fine motor skills without taking a whole afternoon!

Mi Legasi Picnic Activity

Mi Legasi Picnic Activity

Good Lunch Cactus Box

We included this trendy sandwich and snack box from Sugarbooger as a way to teach kids about cooperation as they help you by packing their own snacks.  Features a divider and a convenient attached lid so you don't have to worry about another lost lid!  Like this item?  Check out our similar additions in our Kid Shop.

Mi Legasi Sugarbooger Lunch Box

Mom & Me Picnic Shopping List & Primavera Picnic Helper

We wanted to encourage your child to help you shop for your picnic with their very own list in Español and we tossed a master list for you mama or to get the older kids involved. I have to say Victoria absolutely LOVED doing this activity at the grocery store.  Now every time we go to any store, she asks for her list.  Like the activity but missed the box?  Now you can download it here and print at home.

Mi Legasi Downloadable Picnic List

 Mi Legasi Shopping List

What's on your Plate & Nuestra Cultura Coloring Activities.

What's on your plate teaches kids about the different food groups in Español and creates an opportunity for you as a parent to inspire a balanced meal.  Our Nuestra Cultura activity focused on fruits prevalent in Latin America.  Like these activities?  You can download them here and print them at home.

Mi Legasi What's on your PLate Bilingual Activity

 Mi Legasi Bilingual Activity

Mi Legasi - Nuestra Cultura


 Final Thoughts

I hope this gives you a detailed look behind the box and what Mi LegaSi is all about.  Helping you Connect, Create, and Carry On with your little one in an effortless but thoughtful way.  Abuela approved!

Love this box?  Want to share it with your child or gift it?  Our next box ships June 3rd.  Don't be left without one.




Janny Perez
Janny Perez


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