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April Box - Cooperate & Let's Pack a Primavera Picnic

Our Mi LegaSi Bilingual April Box was sold out.  Don't despair, our next box ships soon. See how can you Connect, Create, and Carry On with your family and your Hispanic/Latino roots.

Check out our Behind our April Box Blog for more details.

It featured the following:

Book:  Freda Organiza una Merienda by Stuart J. Murphy, a book that will teach your child about sequencing and how they can cooperate and pack and unpack a picnic.

For Mama: Go Everywhere Tote.  Mama needs a bag for the picnic so we've got you covered.  Proudly Eat, Drink, and Vive!

Craft Activity: Picnic Sticker Scene.  Helps your child with creative and fine motor skills and we encourage a healthy picnic.

Bilingual Mom & Me Shopping Lists:  A fun way to encourage your child to help you shop for your picnic and a checklist for mama.

Good Lunch Sandwich Cactus Box:  A trendy snack box that is the perfect picnic companion.

What's on Your Plate & Nuestra Cultura Coloring Activities:  Teach your child about the different food groups in Español and they'll learn a little something about frutas de nuestra cultura.

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