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Discovering Your Happy Live Workshop

Virtual Immersion Workshop


Are you frustrated that you don't have time for yourself as a mom?  Do you feel overwhelmed by everyday life?  Are you feeling unhappy and lost?

If you answered YES, that was me for a long time until I found the tools to get me to be a happy mom. 

I am Janny Perez, a Latina mom, entrepreneur, wife, who's raising my 6 year year old daughter.  Believe me I'm far from knowing it all but I know what is working and I have seen a HUGE change in me that I want to share with you.

In this 60 minute immersive workshop you will learn:

✊🏽How to get clear on where you are at and what you want.
✊🏽How do you make yourself a priority and not feel guilty about it.
✊🏽Why Happiness Matters.

    Finally understand how to be an empowered mom!  Gift yourself this 1 hr, you deserve it mama, Think of it as Happy Hour!


      *All Workshop sheets and Zoom access link will be sent via email prior to event.  Make sure to check your SPAM folder.
      Event is by Donation (I suggest $25) and limited to 10 People.

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