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February Box - Se Amable! Kindness to All Living Things

Our Mi LegaSi Bilingual February Box was sold out.  Don't despair, we have a few overstock items left.  See how can you Connect, Create, and Carry On with your family and your Hispanic/Latino roots.

Check out our Behind our February Box Blog for more details.

It featured the following:

Book:  Nosotros by Paloma Valdivia.  A beautifully illustrated book that teaches that a love between a Mamá and her child will remain no matter what.

For Mama: Sweat Now Tacos Later Sports Bottle cause mama needs to take care of herself!

Craft Activity: Heart Card Holder.  Helps your child with creative and fine motor skills and encourages word building like Amor, Abuela, or Papa.

Bilingual Kindness Bingo:  A fun game for the whole family that teaches the different ways to be kind in Spanish.


Marigold Seeds:  Learn how symbolic Marigolds are in the Latino culture and then plant your own seeds.

Plant Watering and Growth Chart:  Teach your kids the days of the week and the numbers while also teaching them how to care for their plants.

Reward Stickers in Spanish:  Great to go with the Watering chart.  Tell your child Bravo!  Muy Bien!

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