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How to Raise Bilingual Kids Imperfectly Workshop

Virtual Immersion Workshop


Are you frustrated as a parent that you want to raise a bilingual child que hable Español and not sure where you are going wrong?  Does your child simply not want to learn Spanish despite your efforts?  Are you sad that that your child isn't communicating with their abuelos?

If you answered YES, that was me until I discovered what I had been doing wrong.  

I am Janny Perez, a Latina mom, raising my 6 year year old daughter to be bilingual.  Our bilingual journey is far from perfect. I thought my daughter wasn't learning fast enough, that she wasn't speaking Spanish well, and that I was doing it wrong.

It was ONLY after I had an "A-Ha" moment, that  my perspective and strategy changed and now I want to share that moment with you. 

I have partnered with my daughter's favorite Spanish teacher, Ms. Ana Gallegos from Spanish Playdates and together we want to empower you with key strategies to help you stay on track in your bilingual journey regardless of where you are at.

In this 60-90 minute immersive workshop you will learn:

✊🏽Why perfection doesn't matter.
✊🏽How to TRANSFORM your struggles and limiting beliefs into strengths to achieve results in language and any part of your life.
✊🏽Pro tips to help your child LOVE SPANISH.
✊🏽Why your child isn't learning Spanish (or any subject) effectively.
✊🏽Leave with actionable steps to empower you on your bilingual journey.

✊🏽Ask questions regarding your personal situation.

Ready to empower yourself and your child?

    Be ignited with a a new mindset... while at the same time gaining a new plan of action in your child's bilingual education.

      We can't wait to help and support you in this journey.  You are not alone! Your journey doesn't have to be perfect but it has to start somewhere.  

      This is a great opportunity but opportunity won't change your life. Only ACTION will...
      So it's time to take action right now and join us LIVE.  ¡Así que no te lo pierdas!

      *All Workshop sheets and Zoom access link will be sent via email 2 days prior to event.  Make sure to check your SPAM folder.

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