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Mija Toddler and Child T-Shirt

Black T-shirt/White Print

Mija: Short for Mi Hija (my daughter), a term of endearment passed down from generation to generation in the Latin community. 

  • Cute to wear to the father-daughter school dance, with a cute skirt and comfy sneakers to bailar the night away with her dad. 

Fabric, Sizing, & Care:

  • Made with 100% cotton, amor, y cariño.
  • Short sleeves great for warm weather or layering.
  • Machine washable so you can wash away food and snacks spills.
  • Use mild soap, no bleach, dry flat, warm iron if desired.
  • Please check out our Size Chart for help on ordering the correct size.
  • Imported & printed in the U.S.A.

Pair it with:

Connect with your Latinx cultura, Create memories with your Latino family, and Carry On your Hispanic traditions.


*Please allow 2-7 days for processing.

 Thank you for supporting a working mama! 

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