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How to Create a Roadmap to Raise Bilingual Spanish Kids Using Their Natural Abilities Course

Course Pre-Sale

Get 7 stress saving video modules broken into bite size pieces.

I'm developing this course with your busy schedule (and exhaustion!) in mind. Raising a bilingual child shouldn't feel impossible that's why the lessons in each module will take only a few minutes to watch.  Each one includes practical information and exercises that you can apply in your child's language learning journey whether they're a newborn or in Prek-K.

Module 1:  Grasping the Concept of Raising a Bilingual Child

Learn why you're missing out on the amazing benefits of raising a bilingual child.

Module 2:  Setting a Solid Language Foundation

Discover the different methods of raising a bilingual child and which one is right for your family.  No cookie cutter approach here!

Module 3:  Discovering How Your Child Naturally Learns

Finally feel confident with strategies that will work specifically for your child that can be applied not just in language but many parts of their lives while being thoughtful about their learning process.

Module 4:  Discovering Your Bilingualism Parenting Approach

Discover what's your own approach to bilingual parenting and why it's important in your bilingualism success.

Module 5:  The Winning Combination

Learn how to combine your child's natural learning style and your bilingualism parenting approach to create a practical roadmap that you can use throughout your entire language journey.

BONUS 1:  How to Teach Your Child to Read in Spanish Using 1 Book

Learn how to teach your child to read in Spanish using 1 book and only 15 minutes a day!

BONUS 2:  How to Transform Your Mindset When You Want to Quit the Bilingualism Journey

Get the mental tools you need to keep you motivated and going and that can be applied to any part of your life.

This course can help you:

✊🏽GIFT your child an opportunity for a better future, having more money and more career opportunities.

✊🏽GIFT your child the opportunity to slow down the onset of dementia or Alzheimers at an older age.

✊🏽GIFT your child my child the opportunity to be able to communicate with his abuelos and extended family to build better relationships.

✊🏽GIFT your child the opportunity to be further connected to her roots and that sense of belonging at a deeper level.
✊🏽Give yourself permission to raise a bilingual child in your own family's way.
✊🏽Save time and money on Spanish classes or tools that are not working for your child.
✊🏽Get organized with a clear roadmap for YOUR family.

Eliminate your struggles • Feel energized instead of exhausted • Feel supported in your bilingualism journey.  Feel confident and proud of your bilingual parenting • Raise global kids ready to use their Español.


*From now until the course is completed we are offering the EARLY BIRD PRE-SALE for HALF the cost.  Once course is completed (estimated November 2021 release date) the cost will be $99.  We will send you course updates to keep you in the know.


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