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Why raising a bilingual child becomes difficult for parents...

Many parents give up on raising a bilingual child because they do not know how to stay consistent, committed, and confident in their bilingual parenting. Raising bilingual Spanish children doesn't need to be difficult. All it takes is some guidance and what the Mi Legasibrand has to offer will put your family on the road to creating a successful language and heritage legacy your abuela would be proud of. Learn to raise bilinguals with confidence and give them a gift with real value.

About Me

I'm a Colombian American, cafecito loving, multilingual parenting mom, wife, podcast host, bilingual parenting educator & motivator, passionate about raising a bilingual, multicultural daughter that can communicate with her abuelos.

I started Mi Legasi, a familia focused brand, to help other parents raise bilinguals connected to their Latinx/e/o roots.

I've helped parents all over the globe, created a Top 50 global podcast, and been featured in Oprah Daily, New York Family Magazine, and many more.

A Global Top 50 Apple Podcast

A podcast for Latina Moms who want to create a Spanish language and Hispanic heritage legacy their abuelas would be proud of. Join the global community of Latina moms changing their children's future...

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