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Products & Blogs that help Modern Latina moms raise bilingual children proud of their Hispanic heritage

Hola! I'm Janny Perez.

I'm a design expert, bilingual mami to multicultural daughter, Victoria Grace, and my passion is helping families Connect, Create, and Carry On their Hispanic Heritage...creating a LegaSi.

Join me, a proud Latina, cafecito loving, multi-passionate mom as I spend my happiest days reminiscing about Growing up Hispanic, teaching my little girl Spanish, and empowering families like yours on your bilingual and multicultural journey.

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With over 12,000 readers to date, traffic in the top 10% of stores that launched a year ago on Shopify, and a passion for teaching, sharing, and helping other moms, I am thrilled to add the title of Latina mom blogger to my resume!

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Curating Products and tools that help you Connect, Create, and Carry On your Hispanic Heritage with your familia.

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