I'm Janny Perez, It's so nice meeting you!

I'm a Colombian born, Miami raised, living in NYC mami to a 3 year old.  You can say I am a multi-passionate, hard working mama, doing my best to raise a decent human being that can speak Spanish!  Keep scrolling for the rest.

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I thought I knew what I was doing...

But I didn't!

I took a leap to start a subscription box business to empower Hispanic families to Connect with their Latino culture, Carry On traditions, enhance quality family time and bilingual learning and it didn't turn out so well!  That's ok, todo pasa por una razón, everything happens for a reason and instead I found my voice in the process.

Now I'm on a mission to help Latina moms and multicultural families like mine through my own growth.  Being a parent is hard work and trying to raise Spanish speaking children proud of their heritage in today's America is even harder!  But we shouldn't have to feel alone.

My STory

A LATINA Growing Up In Miami

This is mi familia.  My parents immigrated from Colombia to Miami in the 70's.  While I was born in Colombia I grew up in Miami, among the Cubans and South Americans.

Growing up in Miami, I always felt LATINA first.  While we celebrated our Colombian traditions and food...um hello arepas and pan de bonos, we adopted a love for Cuban coffee, pastelitos de guayaba, and congri and embraced the many Latin flavors and culture of the area. 

CHICAGO - An American Going To Design School

It wasn't until I moved to Chicago to go to design school that I felt, for the first time in my life, more AMERICAN than Latina.  Of course, the city was more ethnically diverse than Miami, I got exposed to Mexican & Puerto Rican food and culture, as well as Irish, Polish, and Italian. 


After I had my daughter, Victoria, in 2015, I felt the need to ensure that she knew what it meant to be Latina and what her heritage was and that she grow up speaking Spanish.  My rockstar husband is Bulgarian and it is equally important that we raise our daughter to learn about her European roots as well.  We currently live in Brooklyn surrounded by all nationalities.

I want to empower you and inspire you as a parent while keeping it real, because life is and perfection is not.  


I am many things & i do not limit myself...NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

1.  If I could eat any food in the world for the rest of my life it would be tacos.

2. The best title I have is MOMpreneur.  I'm a hard working mama but mija always comes first!

Designer @Just Janny

Photographer @ Just Janny Photography

Writer @ Mi Legasi

3. I'm most likely to binge watch Jane the Virgin.

4. If I could meet one person dead or alive I'd meet the Dalai Lama, so I could laugh hysterically and snort. I think his laugh is contagious and yes I do snort!

5. My drinks of choice are coffee, wine, and margaritas in no particular order.

6. I love to travel. The most remote place I've been to is Middle Caicos, where I honeymooned.

7.  Growing up Hispanic my parents didn't believe in the tooth fairy but I still had a collection of teeth under my pillow.  I'm still waiting for her!

8.  When I was pregnant I peed in a salad bowl because I couldn't hold it...during a football game (pero nadie me vio, lol).

9.  I used to teach fashion design, patternmaking, and sewing.  Teaching what I've learned has always been food for my soul.

10.  Someday I will write and illustrate a children's book.  For now I'll just continue to laugh, grind, and drink mas cafecito!

Mother Daughter Shenanigans

a typical day

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Enough ABout Me, WHat ABout You?

Because You Need a Support Team!

Empowering and helping Latina moms is at the forefront of my mission.  That's where you come in.

Let's face it, everyone warned us that mamahood wasn't going to be easy, for me it changed my life, and I am trying to figure it out as I go.  Having women that support you in your motherhood journey is crucial and I have my sister Dasy Perez (20 years experienced preschool teacher, next to Elmo) and my bff, Vanessa Vizcarra (my west coast girl, far right) along with so many of you that I have connected with.

If you are a Latina or Multicultural mom with creative ideas, recipes, a blogger, a work at home mom, a mompreneur, a working mom, a single mom, homeschooling mama, or simply want to have a voice, then let's connect.  I want Mi Legasi to be a source for you to be heard and seen so let's collaborate!

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