Familia is everything....And You are at the heart of it

You are a Latina AND American mom.  Maybe you were born in another country or maybe you were born in America.  You grew up knowing two worlds, the one with beans and rice and the other with hamburgers and fries. You grew up fearing the "chancla," La llorona,  had a tia that either wore too much makeup or dresses too tight (probably both), didn't understand when your friends said your family was loud, to you it was simply how they spoke, and grew up understanding the love and craziness that makes up a Latino FAMILIA.  You are proud.  You now have children and want them to grow up understanding their Latino roots, want them to learn Español, but you live in America with the pressures of daily living (work, dishes, laundry, dinner, spouses, aging parents, pets, playdates, friends, the list goes on and on).  How do you do this and stay sane?

Mi LegaSí™ is about helping you with a delivered box every other month that connects you with your Latino culture, nurtures your child's creativity and Español, and helps you tell create new memories and embracing old ones so you can carry on your traditions.  But we haven't forgotten about you Mamá!  Because you are at the heart of your familia, you will get feel good/feel proud curated gifts because you deserve something just for you!  


Meet Our Team

Las Chicas - left to right

Janny Perez (Founder) - mother of 2 year old Victoria, Colombian living in NY, "Xennial," loves Mexican Food, cafecito, and Game of Thrones.

Victoria Trayanov (product tester) - daughter of founder, New Yorker and Bulgarian, loves empanadas, Doc McStuffins, and books.

Dasy Perez (product consultant) - living in Miami, tía to Victoria, 18 years as a preschool teacher, loves working with toddlers (by choice), and Margarita Fridays.

Lola Vizcarra (product tester) - daughter of Vanessa Vizcarra, NY born Mexi-Rican, now a West Coaster, loves sandwiches, music, dancing, and singing.

Vanessa Vizcarra (product consultant/researcher) - mother of 4 year old Lola, Mexican heritage living in California, loves nachos, wine, and being social. 

How We Select the Product

Created and Curated

As designers, product developers, and educators we are able to create one of a kind products for our boxes.   We also select products that we know we as Mamás would like and that our children would like. 

We try to promote Latino made or inspired products and art.  If you have a product or are an artist and woudl like to be featured in our box email us at contact@milegasi.com


The Founder's STORY: A LATINA Growing Up In Miami

This is mi familia.  My parents immigrated from Colombia to Miami in the 70's.  While I was born in Colombia I grew up in Miami, among the Cubans and South Americans.

Growing up in Miami, I always felt LATINA first.  While we celebrated our Colombian traditions and food...um hello arepas and pan de bonos, we adopted a love for Cuban coffee, pastelitos de guayaba, and congri and embraced the many Latin flavors and culture of the area. 

CHICAGO - An American Going To School

It wasn't until I moved to Chicago to go to design school that I felt, for the first time in my life, more AMERICAN than Latina.  Of course, the city was more ethnically diverse than Miami, I got exposed to Mexican & Puerto Rican food and culture, as well as Irish, Polish, and Italian. 


This is mi familia now.  I have a 2 year old daughter that is a half Bulgarian, half Colombian, New Yorker, a husband, and a mutt named Hope.

New York has exposed me to even more cultures, food, and traditions but most importantly it has taught me the importance of sharing your traditions and culture with the little ones in order to keep your family's legacy alive.

 - Janny Perez