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Bilingual Parenting

¡Hola a todos! As a proud Latina mom, the holiday season holds a special place in my heart. It's that time of the year when we come together as a familia to celebrate our rich traditions and create lasting memories. Can you hear the "Mi Burrito sabanero" song, followed by tamales, in anticipation of Santa, el niño Jesus or Los Reyes Magos? One of my favorite parts of the season is selecting the perfect toys that not only bring joy but also reflect our culture and values. Join me as I share my top holiday toy gift picks that embody the warmth, vibrancy, and educational spirit I hold dear as a Latina mom. Let's make this holiday unforgettable for our pequeños with gifts that speak to our heritage and nurture their young minds and hearts.
Many parents raising bilingual children often fear that their child may begin to prefer the community language and stop using their minority language, especially as they start school. This fear is legitimate as the child's exposure to the community language increases significantly while, in many cases, the minority language exposure decreases. However, parents can take proactive steps before their children begin school to continue fostering language development effectively. Here are some recommendations for parents:
Slowly but surely it seems like life is returning to a new normal and with it has brought some changes, including how we raise bilingual children.  As a Latina mom raising a multilingual and multicultural child means making sure my child gets the language exposure and the need to use the language.  Sometimes that means being a bit creative with how Spanish or the minority language/s are used.  Here are my...

Bilingual Books & Toys

Confidence is assurance is oneself.  When we empower children to grow their confidence skills we are helping them obtain tools for handling difficult situations and stresses that come with school and home life like learning, dealing with peer pressure, or even changes in their bodies.  Raising bilingual Spanish children also means instilling in them confidence to continue in their language learning, no matter where they are at.  These book not only help them with practical tips but will also encourage Spanish language learning.
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In many Latino & Catholic centric countries Christmas is not over until El Dia de Reyes or Three Kings Day.  Each celebrates in their own way like in Mexico they make a Rosca de Reyes, in Argentina, kids write a letter to the three kings and put it inside their shoes by their bed, in Puerto Rico, they celebrate La Víspera de Reyes and grass is put in a shoe box by the tree. 

However you celebrate El Dia de Reyes, these books will help you share their story with your child.

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If you want to raise a bilingual Spanish child, que hable Español, one of the best ways that you can do this is by making sure that you make it FUN!  Children learn through play and getting them engaged, excited, and looking forward to playing with toys that enhance their language learning skills will make your job as a parent much easier when it comes to raising bilingual children.  Luckily,  I have a list of bilingual toys that your children and your family will enjoy in your bilingual parenting journey.
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Hispanic Heritage



The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Whether you are traveling to Medellin, Colombia for the first time or whether it's your heritage country and you'd like to share your culture with your kids like me, there are many fun and exciting things you can do.  Now, I may have a bit of an advantage, having lived there for many years and still having extended family that can update us on the ins and outs of the city.  Luckily, this means having some insider information that you may not get through a regular travel blog.
Living in New Jersey, just 20 minutes from New York City I wanted to find a decent getaway that felt like I was truly away, away from the city, away from the traditional Jersey shore, and after googling a few destinations, Stowe, Vermont seemed like a pretty good option.  Now, going on a budget?  That's a different story, but I'll share with you some tips and options of what you can do to save yourself some money.
We're off on our very first family vacation with our 3 year old daughter in tow. Though this is our first official family vacation, I've traveled countless times with my daughter since she was 4 weeks old, so you can say we're pretty experienced.  Traveling with a baby or kids may seem like a daunting and challenging task, it doesn't have to be, if you set yourself up for a win.  These tips will make it easier for you on that next family vacation or quick trip!  Plus check out our free download.

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