Because being a mom is hard but you don't have to be perfect.


"I totally relate! Thanks for sharing the truths behind the thoughts of motherhood. Parenting is a challenging but definitely fun and exciting. Great post, shared it on my FB Page." -Alyssa

Celebrating Growing up Latina, our Hispanic, LatinX, or latino traditions and culture


"Latin America is so diverse! I love how you incorporated the concepts from other countries. Even though we might name them differently or be somewhat different, family is always important in our culture. Great post!" -Nadia H.

Tips and Recommendations for Raising children that speak Spanish


"I love your posts! You’re vibrant soul and you’re an amazing mama. Glad I found your page. Keep rocking!" -Marisol

A look inside our Latina Mom Legacy Podcast, guests, and show notes, and more.

The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Five Stars - "Finally a mama who gets it!  Who talks about how important español is.  How it's hard.  Really hard...adorable and transparent.  Give this podcast a listen!" -Maestra Morales

Sharing Latina Moms Favorite Passed Down Recipes

Recipes - Recetas

Real tips and tricks for working mamas so you don't have to struggle


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