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Bilingual Kids

While we usually spend Christmas with our American family, as a Latina mom it is important for me to pass on our Hispanic traditions as well. We start the season celebrations with the day of La Virgen de Guadalupe, then Las Posadas, Nochebuena y Navidad y los Reyes Magos. This year the celebrations will look quite different, but I think it is important to still read the book, have a piñata, sing the songs and celebrate as this way the little latinx will then learn their Latino traditions and understand their heritage.  Here are the top 12 Bilingual Spanish Books for Kids for Navidad.
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Navidad! Such a special time of the year. As many special occasions this year, Navidad 2020 will be different and in a smaller scale, but it can still be magical and fun for the little bilingual ones at home!

As we are raising bilinguals, I try to balance between the hit toy or what they really really want, and a couple in there that also enforce their Spanish skills. It takes a bit more research, but it is all worth it. Lucky you, our very own Janny has been building great lists for a couple of years  (201720182019) and we have put our heads together to keep the list growing.

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We are a multicultural family and as such we celebrate all things Latino and all things American. While Thanksgiving is not widely celebrated in Mexico, it is a big deal for my husband and a time filled with traditions for his side of the family. While raising our bodoques bilingual we get them exposed to both languages and both cultures.

We typically go back to his hometown and have dinner with the whole extended family - aunts & uncles, cousins and their families, something around 35 people.   (Though this year with the pandemic, Thanksgiving will be a bit different.)  Dinner is a potluck – each family brings something, so it is filled with flavorful turkey, stuffing, so many sides and all kinds of pies that one could imagine! Before dinner one of the older uncles presides prayer and then we all go around the table sharing what one was thankful for that year. It is a time to reflect and be grateful for all your blessings, something that I want my little Latinx to learn.

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