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Empowering Latina and Multi-cultural Moms

A global parenting Spanglish podcast recorded in
Janny’s home office, keeping it real as she empowers Latina and multicultural momsraising bilingual children, talk about madrehood, growing up Latina, and traditions. 

Join us with can’t-stop-listening interviews of inspiring,
powerful Latina moms from around the world. 

Thousands of downloads, 40+ shows, 5-star reviews and a community of Latina and multicultural moms with one purpose, to keep our culture and language alive in our children.  

The Latina Mom Legacy podcast is ready to be there with you on your bilcultural and bilingual journey. All are welcome, but mamis are preferred!  Come as you are, grab a cafecito, and start creating a legacy your abuela would be proud of.

Featured In...

Are you a mom with an autistic child or special needs?  Would you like to understand more about autism and the resources out there that you may not be aware of?
In this episode, Latina mom of four, advocate, special needs pastor, speaker, and author Dr. Joscelyn Ramos Campbell educates us on autism based on her own experience with an autistic child and as an autism advocate.

Join us as we talk about signs to look for if your child has autism, resources that you can turn to, and how she is changing families' lives through her special needs ministry in her community.
Plus, we’ll talk about how she’s raising multicultural children, her favorite Cuban and Puerto Rican dishes to pass down, and the former NFL player in her ministry life. Asi que no te lo pierdas!

Are you frustrated with your parenting skills?  Do you feel like no matter what you do you aren’t communicating well with your child?   In this episode , Latina mom of twins, parenting coach and positive disciple parent educator and viral Tik Tok sensation Marcela Collier of High Impact Club, share with us details of her unique parenting with understanding approach that will change the way you look at parenting.

Join us as we talk about the differences in parenting styles, techniques that you can use with your child, and the one thing that you can change to improve your parenting today.  Plus, we’ll talk about how she’s raising bilingual kids, her favorite Colombian treat to pass down, and how her videos have helped millions of parents around the world.  Asi que no te lo pierdas!

How do you feel when you hear the saying, Calladita es mejor?  Do you understand that if you’re a Latina immigrant or child of immigrants the way you and your family were taught to think has everything to do with a colonial mindset?   Do you want to know how to change the way you think so you can empower yourself and your kids?   In this episode Latina mom of 2, business owner, and the author behind Uncolonized Latinas, Transforming our Mindsets and Rising Together, Valeria Aloe challenges us to change the way we think.

Join us as we talk about how understanding our past can help us unlearn and heal our colonial mindset to move successfully forward.  Plus, we’ll talk about how she’s raising bilingual kids, her favorite Argentinian food, and how futbol legend Leo Messi lives in her home, well sort of . Asi que no te lo pierdas!

Want to be a guest on the show?

At The Latina Mom Legacy podcast, we are always looking for amazing moms to showcase. In order to be considered you must:

1) Be a Latina Mom or be Married to a Latino.

2) Trying to raise bilingual kids or connected to their Latino roots.

3) Have an empowering story to tell.

We look for guests that empower our comunidad. We like to interview everyday moms, educators, women in the medical field, women in finance, community leaders, thought provoking guests, and more.

Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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