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Top Bilingual Spanish Halloween Books for 2020

Top Bilingual Spanish Halloween Books for 2020 - Mi LegaSi

Growing up Latino, October was always a festive month, we celebrated Halloween but also Dia de Muertos. There would be decorations all around the city and we would have a party at school, get to dress up and “pedir la calaverita” <trick or treat>. I am so excited to celebrate now with “los bodoques” and get to pick a costume, decorate altogether and do some pumpkin carving – or painting for them. Sharing the best of both cultures with my little Latinx. 

Let’s get in the Halloween mood with these awesome bilingual books for Latino kids:

1) Boo!¡Bu!

  • Author: Leslie Patricelli
  • Ages: Baby - 3 years
  • Grades: Preschool
  • Boardbook
  • Language: Bilingual: English / Spanish

Concept: A great way to introduce the youngest ones to Halloween / Noche de Brujas celebration.  

What we like about this book:  Cute pictures that describe how to celebrate Halloween, it also gives some ideas for costumes. Even though it is meant for the youngest, “los bodoques” still love it!  



2) Dulce o Truco:

  • Author: Robin Wells
  • Ages: 4 years – 7 years
  • Grades: Preschool – 2nd Grade (ready readers)
  • Paperback
  • Language: Spanish

Concept: A group of friends goes out trick or treating around their neighborhood and show off their great costumes.

What we like about this book:Quite easy language for the early readers. The book targets reading comprehension with a vocabulary list at the beginning and some questions at the end of the book.



3) Gustavo El Fantasmita Tímido

  • Author: Flavia Z.  Drago
  • Ages: 3 years – 7 years
  • Grades: Preschool – 2nd Grade
  • Hardcover
  • Language: Spanish

Concept: Gustavo wants to make friends around town, but he is very shy and doesn’t know how.  

What we like about this book:Latina author Flavia Drago does an amazing job combining elements of both Halloween and Día de Muertos in the illustrations of this book, making it a feast for the eyes. An endearing story that any kid can relate to with a cute twist on it.



4)¡Es Noche de Brujas!

  • Author: Richard Sebra
  • Ages: 4 years – 7 years
  • Grades:  Preschool – 1st Grade
  • Paperback
  • Language: Spanish

Concept: A simple cute overview of Halloween – why do we celebrate, costume ideas and ideas to celebrate.

What we like about this book:It tells the story of the holiday and we also liked the questions that were great conversation starters pushing the kids to think beyond the text. A great resource of new vocabulary and learning Spanish.



5)Los Gatos Black on Halloween

  • Author: Marisa Montes
  • Ages: 4 years – 8 years
  • Grades:  1st Grade – 3rd Grade
  • Paperback
  • Language: Bilingual Spanish

Concept: A bilingual poem that follows the "brujas" and monsters to the Halloween party. Latinx authors Marisa and Yuyi combine so many elements of our Hispanic culture with Halloween traditions.

What we like about this book:The perfect book to read out loud with the lights off and spooky music!



6)Just in Case: A Trickster Tale and Spanish Alphabet Book

  • Author: Yuyi Morales
  • Ages: 4 years – 8 years
  • Grades:  1st – 2nd Grade
  • Paperback
  • Language: Bilingual: Spanglish

Concept: Señor Calavera is headed to Grandma Beetle’s birthday and decides to get her one gift for every letter of the alphabet, just in case.

What we like about this book:An amazing way to weave in the alphabet in Spanish and a story of friendship. Latino artist Yuyi's illustrations are just beautiful!



7) ¡Cómo Mola tu Escoba! 

  • Author: Julia Donaldson
  • Ages: 3 years and up
  • Grades:  Preschool and up
  • Hardcover
  • Language: Spanish or Engish

Concept: A good witch that goes around helping others but then finds herself in some trouble.

What we like about this book:Cute story with a very positive message. The Spanish version is perfect for sharing with bilingual kids.  



Final thoughts on Halloween in 2020

While no doubt Halloween 2020 will be quite different, we can still celebrate and even better create new traditions with our family.

Check out the CDC guidelines for Halloween to have a safe celebration:

As a family, we are still opting for the low risk activities, but we are also very lucky to live in a closed community that has been our quarantine bubble (#quarantinesquad). We will have a parade with all the kids and only one house will provide a pre-packaged bag of treats for each kid. As a family we will have a drive through to see the decorations around the neighborhood, a Halloween themed scavenger hunt in our house and a screening of every Halloween episode of their favorite characters!

What new traditions are your starting this year for Halloween? Do you have any other books in Spanish that you recommend?  Share in the comments below :)

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