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My Daughter's Favorite Bilingual Books About Love, Perfect For Valentine's Day

My Daughter's Favorite Bilingual Books About Love, Perfect For Valentine's Day - Mi LegaSi

Valentine's Day has never been a big event in our home.  My husband and I dread going out anywhere on Valentine's, but I do enjoy flowers or chocolate.  We keep it simple, skip the cards, and instead opt for quality time spent together the week of Valentine's Day.  We focus on our love for each other and want our daughter to start to understand this concept, that It's not about a specific day or material things.  There are many books that help teach kids about amor and kindness.  These are from my daughter Victoria's personal collection and among her favorites between the ages of 1 to 3 years, in no particular order.

1. Besos For Baby

Type:  Board Book

Language:  Bilingual

Mi Legasi Besos For Baby

Concept:  "Everyone has kisses for Baby, from Mami and Papi to perro and gato. Using simple Spanish words, this charming read-aloud proves that love is the same in every language! Parents won't be able to resist giving baby muchos besos as they share this bilingual read aloud, filled with bold, graphic illustrations, with their little bébé!"

Why my daughter loves it?  This was her absolute favorite book from about 1-2 years.  She loves the pictures and loves to say "Besos Bebe Besos" and gets a huge kick.

Why I love it?  I like this book because at the end of it there is a section in the back with English and Spanish Cards (you can't take them out).  It focuses on the key words in the book.  As my daughter has gotten older we focus more on the words than the pictures and those cards help her associate letters with pictures.

Mi Legasi Besos For baby

2.  Te Amo Bebe, Little One

Type:  Hardcover Book

Language:  Bilingual

Mi Legasi Te Amo Bebe

Concept: "The sweet illustrations and rhythmic text of this mother-child love story follow a mother and child from the baby's birth to his first birthday, bringing the fiestas and mariachis resoundingly to life."


Why my daughter loves it?  It rhymes and has a song like quality so she loves to repeat the "chorus."

Mi LegaSI Te Amo Bebe Little One 

Why I love it?  I love this book because it is so sweet and my daughter can identify with the subtle Latino/Hispanic nature of the book.

3. Quiero a Mi Mamá Porque or Quiero a Mi Papá Porque

Type:  Board Book

Language:  Bilingual

Mi Legasi Quiero a Mi Mama Porque

Concept:  "This book begins with a heartwarming scene between a human parent and child, but moves on to loving care in many animal families. "She listens when I talk," says a mewing kitten. "She tucks me in," says a joey kangaroo.  Children will love reading about how baby animals spend time with their moms, and mamas everywhere will love celebrating Mother's Day—or any ocassion!—with this adorable gift from their little ones."

Why my daughter loves it?  She loves how we play out some of the scenes.  Like pretend to swim when mamá "nada conmigo," or "da grandes abrazos,"or "es grande y fuerte."

Mi Legasi Quiero a Mi Mama Porque

Why I love it?  I love the extensive vocabulary (38 words) to reference specific mom and baby animal in English and Spanish.  I had no idea a racoon was a "mapache" and an otter a "nutria" so even my Spanish vocabulary has improved.

4. Nosotros

Type:  Softcover Book

Language:  Español

Mi LegaSi Nosotros 

Concept:  "Nosotros," a simple and poignant word, is represented in this book through the strong ties between mother and child.  Nosotros talks about the insoluble relationship that goes beyond reality, that goes beyond time, and it's changes."

Why my daughter loves it?  She loves it because her Tia gave this to her and she adores her tia.  She loves the illustrations.

Mi LegaSi Nosotros Book

Why I love it?  I love the simplicity but beautiful and advanced story of how we can grow and change through time but the connection between mother and child will always be there.  I also love supporting Latino artists, in this case Paloma Valdivia.  It also has great animal vocabulary beyond the traditional perro y gato, we've both learned alot of new Spanish words!


5. Mi Amor Por Ti

Type:  Board Book

Language:  Bilingual

Mi Legasi Mi Amor Por Ti

Concept:  "In both Spanish and English, two tiny mice express their love in big terms. On a walk together, the mice learn that their love is bigger than 1 bear, taller than 2 giraffes, larger than 3 blue whales. As they count from 1 to 10, the mice discover that their love is greater than anything they can imagine. Siempre. Forever. "

Why my daughter loves it? She liked this book alot when she was younger as I would emphasize the counting aspect of it and it's a smaller board book great for babies. 

Mi Legasi Mi Amor Por Ti

Why I love it?  I like teaching my daughter now that she is older that there are different words to express similar things but are more specific.  In this particular case other words beyond grande.

6. ¡Te amo, te abrazo, leo contigo!

Type:  Board Book

Language:  Bilingual

.Te Amo Te Abrazo Leo Contigo

Concept:  “There are three things I’ll always do . . . love you, hug you, read to you!” The simple promise of togetherness offered in this bilingual (Spanish and English) board book is enhanced by interactive prompts throughout, encouraging parents to engage with their child while reading. Studies show that asking questions, like the ones in this book, helps children learn to read faster than if they just listen to a story. Love and literacy are gifts we can give to our children every day!"

Why my daughter loves it? She loves the Q & A that we do every time we read.

Mi Legasi Te Amo Te Abrazo Leo Contigo

Why I love it? I love that it has the questions there and serves as reminder to stop and ask questions instead of just reading to our kids.  Plus it promotes literacy and that's a huge plus!

7. Te amaré por siempre

Type:  Hardcover Book

Language:  Bilingual

Mi Legasi I Will Love You Forever

Concept:  "With charming illustrations and poignant rhyming text, this tender story is a heartwarming reminder of the never ending love between a parent and child. A sweet message to share with little ones to let them know that whoever they become and wherever they go, they are cherished."

Why my daughter loves it? She likes seeing the transition from baby to toddler, which she can identify with.Mi Legasi Te amare por siempre

Why I love it?  It is such an endearing book told from the heart.


Read to your kids.  Start them young, it will help tremendously with their vocabulary.  I started reading to my daughter when she was 4 months old.  At 12 months she could pick out over 20 different books in English and Spanish.  Don't worry if you're Spanish is not perfect, at least get them used to listening to you in a different language and don't give up.  You can do this!

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