10 Hispanic and Latino Halloween Costumes For Your Entire Family

10 Hispanic and Latino Halloween Costumes For Your Entire Family

by Janny Perez October 17, 2018

Halloween is almost here and if you're anything like me, I love being different than everyone else.  Scrambling for ideas?  Need last minute finds?  Here's a top ten list of some fun Hispanic and Latino costumes that will inspire your very own familia!  

1)  Cardi B Halloween Costume

Like her or not, she has made the most news of any Latina artist this year and come on, how about her young Cardi B pic that went viral?!  You can't deny that a Cardi B costume will have everyone talking!  Whether you want to dress up as her or your daughter, here's a super easy way for you to recreate her viral pic as a costume. Use navy joggers, a dress shirt, and cut up a navy cami or tank.  Frizz your hair or your child's hair or buy a curly wig.  Get a white poster board, create a frame with "My momma said y'all have to play with me" written on it or create a funny Halloween meme like "My momma said y'all have to give me lots of candy!" and there you go, you'll be a big hit!  

Cardi B Halloween Costume


2.  Chespirito Halloween Costumes

If you're Latina, odds are that you at least recognize some of these iconic characters like El Chavo de Ocho, La Chilindrina, or El Chapulin Colorado.  I loved watching Chespirito growing up and I even love watching it now.  So when these characters are pint size, it just makes you go awww!  This is a great family themed costume!

El Chavo y La Chilindrina CostumesEl Chapulin Colorado CostumeDoña Florinda y Kiko Costume


3. Mini Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Halloween Costumes

Frida Kahlo has become a symbol of iconic Mexican art, Mexican pride and Latina feminism.  It is no wonder why many women want to dress themselves up and their daughters as this icon.  Though their relation was very volatile, Diego seems like a natural partner costume.

Diego and Frida CostumeFrida Kahlo CostumeFrida Kahlo CostumeFrida Kahlo Costume


4. Bad Bunny Halloween Costume

If you know Cardi B, then you are probably familiar with Bad Bunny as well.  Here's how you can make a fun and literal take on a "Bad Bunny" costume:  Get a Bunny costume, I think for babies this is especially cute, use a baseball cap, sunglasses, a plastic gold chain, and there you go, you've yourself a Bad Bunny on your hands!


5. Juan Valdez or Taza de Cafecito Halloween Costume

You should know that my love for Cafecito is measured in daily ounces so of course I had to include some sort of Cafecito costume!  You can have a Latte fun! Maybe each of you can be different types of cafecito?  A Latte, a cappuccino, Cuban coffee, or if you're a family of 3 Mom can be the Coffee Bean, Dad can be the Cream and baby can be the Latte or Cappuccino!  

Juan Valdez CostumeTza de Cafecito

6. Let's Taco Bout It Halloween Costumes

Ok so technically I'm Colombian American but my love for Mexican food is beyond borders. From tacos, "taco belle," burritos, and hot sauces, here's definitely a family theme you can work with!

Taco FamilyTaco Belle CostumeTaquito CostumeBurrito CostumeSalsa Picante Costume

7. Princess Elena of Avalor Halloween Costume

I am happy to FINALLY see, a Latina Disney princess.  I never pushed this cartoon on my daughter but it was interesting to see her naturally gravitate towards something that is reflective of her multicultural family.  I am proud to be making her Elena costume.  I'll post pics soon, in the meantime check out these awesome ones.

 Princess Elena of AvalorEtsy Princess Elena of AvalorPrincess Elena of Avalor

8. Traje Típico or Traditional Folkloric Costume

What's great about trajes tipicos or traditional costumes is that they not only work for Halloween, they can work for fiestas, photo ops, Day of the Dead, and cultural events so you get more use out of them and we love that!

Traje Tipico MexicanoTraje TipicoTraje Tipico

9. Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

So I know you are asking how in the world is Wonder Woman Latina?  Well, being the big Linda Carter Wonder Woman fan that I am, I researched her background and in fact Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman is Mexican.  Though she was born in Phoenix, AZ and her father is Scott-Irish, her mamá is Mexican. Here she is with her mami.  I am sure alot of people do not know that this American icon is in fact Latina or maybe I've just lived under rocks!

Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman Costume

10. Day of the Dead Halloween Costumes

Dia de Los Muertos is a time to remember our loved ones.  Many people do not like the integration of Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos.  I personally do not mind it as I see many beautiful costumes that can be worn in parades or during Halloween.  You can remember and celebrate your loved ones in any case.  Plus there are such cool makeup tutorials out there, you can become quite unique.

 Day of the Dead Costume


So there you have it, Hispanic and Latino Halloween Costume ideas.  Enjoy all the festivities but please remember to be safe and use common sense.  Safety first with our lil ones!

I would love to share your Halloween pics!  Send me an email at contact@milegasi or tag us @milegasi on IG so we can share your family's big Halloween ideas :)

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Janny Perez
Janny Perez


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