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November Artist Highlight: Conbon, the Story Behind the Postcard

November Artist Highlight:  Conbon, the Story Behind the Postcard - Mi LegaSi

When I first set out on this Mi LegaSi journey, the vision was to create a box not only for mamá, child, and familia, but to create a box that supports Latino artists and small businesses.  I reached out to several artists and organizations and surprisingly enough, the response was not as positive as I expected, except for Connie (Conbon).


Her immediate willingness to be a part of something that supports the community and Latino artists inspired me to share her talent with you, even with a "simple" postcard.

La Valentina

I selected her artwork "La Valentina" for our Launchbox because for me the tree symbolizes FUERZA, unity, and growth.  The branches can grow in many different directions but they are all held together by it's roots.  It is a symbol of what my familia represents to me and my vision for Mi LegaSi.  Connie shared with me HER inspiration and that was the icing on the cake. " 'La Valentina' was painted for my niece whose strong and very brave personality has been demonstrated at a young age." How beautiful that our familia can inspire us in so many ways, including art.

Maria Bonita by Conbon

"Conbon” was born and raised in East Chicago, IN.  She is a folk artist who has created several works of art and whose curiosity and love of the visual arts has influenced her to work with a variety of mediums.  Conbon has created acrylic paintings that are often inspired by images of her proud Latino heritage. 

Viva Frida by Conbon

Although she has always been an aficionado of the arts and creative crafts, she began to work in acrylic painting in 2004.  She has participated in "The Night of Latin Culture" over the last few years and in other art shows, and consistently sold out of her displayed paintings. 

She has also donated several paintings and works of art to help benefit school funding.  She is currently working on writing and illustrating short children's stories.  She also continually works on artwork by request or for donation. She graduated from Purdue University, where she majored in Spanish and received a masters in Education from Saint Xavier University in the city of Chicago.    She is a full time reading and art teacher at her current school and her passion is to inspire creativity in each child and to help influence them grow a love and respect for art and culture.

What a Difference a Day Makes by Conbon

I am very proud to introduce you to Conbon, a passionate artist, a teacher, and supporter of our Latino culture.  You can view additional artwork at:

and Like her on facebook:


If you are a Latino artist and would like to be featured in our Mi LegaSi box, please email us at  Unidos Podemos!

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