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Hispanic Heritage

Growing up Hispanic meant that, like Christmas, New Year's was not celebrated in a traditionally American way, especially when it came to traditions and rituals. As a Colombian born, growing up in a very Latino Miami, even New Year's traditions became a mosh of many Latin countries.  As a kid, I often just scratched my head or rolled my eyes at the funny and cooky things my parents did on New Year's.  Now as an adult, I must say, that I've kept many of the traditions, though some still have me scratching my head.
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I am Janny Perez.  I was born in Colombia and raised in Miami by two Colombian parents.  Growing up Hispanic in Miami during Christmas time meant listening to “Mi Burrito Sabanero,” on the radio, attendingMisa de Gallo, and having your neighbors gift your family everything fromturrón, arroz con leche, and coquito during the holiday season.  It meant Christmas Eve was usually very loud and jam packed with activity.  My husband, on the other hand, grew up in Bulgaria, in a very Americanized home, celebrating Christmas listening to 50’s Christmas classics on vinyl while having a quiet vegetarian dinner, yes vegetarian.  So now that we have a daughter, how can we celebrate a multicultural Christmas and make everyone happy? 
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As a Latina mom it’s important for me that my child grows up understanding our family’s Christmas traditions.  As Latinos, there are many traditions you can embrace and pass down.  It’s a way we can honor our history while embracing and creating new traditions of our own.  Every family has their own traditions, whether it’s hosting a tamalada, attending la Misa de Gallo, or making natilla and buñuelos, you can incorporate any of these holiday traditions, even with your youngest of kids.  Check out the list of Hispanic Christmas Traditions you can pass down...
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The new school year is about to begin (or has already begun in some states) and we have your guide to Latino & Hispanic museums across the U.S. to help your family celebrate your Latino or Hispanic culture and history throughout the year.  Get your kids excited and interested in Latin culture in your state or when you are traveling on vacation.  This is a handy list you'll want to bookmark!
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The holidays are my favorite time of year.  It reminds me of the great times we had as kids (me below), the festive parties my parents used to throw, la musica de parranda and of course the food!  But what about those of us that may not have our families nearby or those whose parents have passed away?  How can we continue and pass down our holiday traditions with our children while creating new traditions?


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