25 Unique Hispanic Baby Girl Names

25 Unique Hispanic Baby Girl Names

by Janny Perez March 22, 2018

When I was pregnant with my daughter, alot of fun went into picking her name.  We wanted to make sure that we picked a name that was easy for my Hispanic family to pronounce (cause I've heard them butcher quite a few) and for my husband's Bulgarian family as well.  It was a tossup between Scarlet and Victoria and ultimately, Victoria won because let's face it, my family would be calling her "Scarr-le" and turns out Victoria is not uncommon in Bulgaria.


I'm sure every parent wants to pick a nice name for their child.  I wanted a not too common name, somewhat Hispanic or at least easy to pronounce in Español, and not so strange that my kid would be picked on...apologies if you named your child "Apple."  I've compiled a list from top baby name app "Baby Names" of rare but up trending Spanish & Latin names and narrowed it down to 25.  Maybe you'll find your baby's name here :)

Jon Tyson Mi Legasi

25 Unique Girl's Hispanic Names

1. Amora- Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Love

2. Audriana - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Nobility, strength.

3. Beatriz - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Bringer of Joy

4. Celina - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Heaven.

5. Cielo - Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Sky

6. Elana - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Form of Helen.

7. Emmi - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Rival, Eager, Laborious.

8. Flora - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Flowering.

9. Giulietta - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Youthful

10. Letty - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Joy

11. Lucero - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Light, Star.

12. Magdalena - Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Woman of Magdala

13. Marcela - Latin Origin.  Meaning:  Young Warrior

14. Mariella - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Star of the Sea

15. Mireya - Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Admirable

16. Noelia - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Christmas

17. Oriana - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Golden

18. Ria - Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Diminutive of Maria

19. Rubi - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Red

20. Sabina - Latin Origin.  Meaning:  Sabine WOman

21. Tania - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Fairy Queen

22. Violeta - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Violet

23. Vivianna - Latin Origin.  Meaning:  The Lady of the Lake

24. Xiomara - Ready for Battle

25. Yuliana - Latin Origin.  Meaning: Youthful

Hope you found some inspiration.  Ultimately it's your decision.  People will always have their opinions.  What matters is that you and your partner are happy with the decision and if your child grows up hating it, they can always change it when they turn 18 ;)

Finally, I want to write a future blog post on Hysterical Hispanic Names to NOT name your child, like "Dolores Fuertes de Barriga."  If you know of any funny ones, leave me a comment, I'll be sure to post :) 







Janny Perez
Janny Perez


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