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2.13 Celebrating Dads - 5 Latino Parents Share their Stories

2.13 Celebrating Dads - 5 Latino Parents Share their Stories - Mi LegaSi

On today’s show, we celebrate dads. I have 3 guests including 2 Latina moms and 1 dad from Cali and Virginia. Denise celebrates her papi with botas and all, Lizzie honors her husband, and Jesus Rubalcaba from Paper Tacos talks about the impact his dad has had on his work ethic.

Join us we highlight these dads and those moments and lessons that left impressions in our lives.  Plus, you’ll hear a very special and funny interview as I interview my papi and Victoria and I share a special message for her daddy.

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  • You can can listen to Ana Gallegos from Spanish Playdates on Season 1 Episode 002
  • You can listen to Lizzy Rodriguez-Carrk on Episode 004.5 Day of the Dead Facts 
  • Follow Paper Tacos on Instagram @paper_tacos 

Paper Tacos

Jesus Ruvalcaba is owner of Paper Tacos, these amazing greeting cards!

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