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3.06 Marimer Maldonado-Hilker- Pivoting & Finding Purpose in a Bilingual Kids Puerto Rican Box

3.06 Marimer Maldonado-Hilker- Pivoting & Finding Purpose in a Bilingual Kids Puerto Rican Box - Mi LegaSi

Imagine listening to your abuela’s words and having the courage to quit your day job. How do you turn a love for your Puerto Rican culture and raising a bicultural daughter into a subscription box that helps families?   In this episode, Latina mom of 1, salchicas con arroz fan, and Root-Ed Box founder, Marimer Maldonado-Hilker shares her inspiring, go after what brings you joy story.

Join us as we talk about what inspired her to quit her day job and pursue a more fulfilling career connected to her Puerto Rican roots.  Plus, we’ll talk about her struggles raising a bilingual daughter, her favorite Puerto Rican traditions, and yes food.  Asi que no te lo pierdas!

About Marimer Maldonado-Hilker


Latina, proud Puerto Rican, raising a bicultural kid in the United States. 

 "As a Latina mom, I share my culture with my daughter. That includes swapping mac n cheese for arroz con habichuelas and dancing to salsa on Sundays. But, beyond our food and music, I want her to learn and love everything about our country. I constantly searched for resources but I couldn't find exactly what I needed: educational content that was structured yet simple and fun for the whole family.

With my daughter, I started We are Root-Ed.  With over ten years of experience in marketing and five years of experience in motherhood, I wanted to create something special that could help other families that have the same dreams to raise kids that love their Puerto Rican roots."

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