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3.11 How Different Moms are Raising Bilingual Kids

3.11 How Different Moms are Raising Bilingual Kids - Mi LegaSi

Want to Raise a Bilingual Child and would like to hear how other moms are doing it?  Curious as to the methods, tools, and strategies other parents use.  In this episode, 6 moms share their tips on raising bilingual kids that speak Spanish.

Join us as we talk about what language methods are used at home, book recommendations, toys, and even apps.  Plus, I’ll share with you my personal method with my daughter and where we are at in our journey.  Asi que no te lo pierdas!

The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast Episode Guests:

Vero Villa

This Latina mom is the brains behind Nene_Bilingue.  Vero Villa offers great tips via her website and her Instagram nene_bilingue providing bilingual homes resources that promote language development.

Nene Bilingue

Instagram: @nene_bilingue

Nene Bilingue's Bilingual Kid's Recommendations:




Bilingual Music for Kids

1, 2, 3 Andres



Bilingual Subscription Box:

Recommended Spanish Apps



Kayla Alonso

This American mom raising bilinguals is the heart behind Baby Devotions. Kayla Alonso explores the bible through play with bilingual grace -based parenting.  Follow her at

Baby Devotions

Kayla Alonso's Bilingual Tips & Recommendations

Shows to Watch in Spanish:

1.  Netflix for Disney movies in Spanish

2. Daniel Tiger on You Tube

3.  Daniel Tiger Gratitude Tree el árbol de gracias episode

Recommended Spanish App for Kids:

1. Endless Spanish App

Endless Spanish App


Spanish Book Recommendations for Kids:



Dulce de Calabaza

Dulce de Calabaza


Baby Devotions Pray n Play

“Let the fields and their crops burst with joy!” -Psalm 96:12a. Show your little one the meaning of this verse with the Joyful Harvest Pray n’ Play pack. Everything that the Lord has made praises Him, this includes the fields and their crops. And if plants can praise him, so can we! This is a bilingual resource, with all materials in English and Spanish!

Are you a Latina mom or multicultural mom raising bilingual, bi-cultural, or multicultural children?  Be a guest on our show and contact me at

Follow Baby Devotions @babydevotions

or visit


Sara Godbey

This Mexican mom raising a multilingual daughter shares her personal tips and strategies. Sara Godbey who is also a beauty counter manager provides great insight for new moms.

Sara Godbey

Sara Godbey's Bilingual Tips & Recommendations


Spanish Book Recommendations for Kids:


Jessica Arizaga Ortega

This Latina mom raising a bilingual son shares her personal tips and recommendations. Jessica Arizaga Ortega is a fitness mama with a lot of passion.

Jessica Arizaga Ortega

Book Recommendations:





Analily Morales

This Latina mom and teacher shares her personal tips raising a bilingual child that started with a speech delay. Analily Morales inspires us to keep going and pushing forward with language development.

Analily Morales

Tips & Recommendations

Netflix - Create a profile or chanel for your child in Spanish in Netflix

1. Go to user profile page.  Click on Manage profiles and click on Add User or agregar perfil.

Child Netflix Profile

 2.  Change your child's language to Spanish.  Go to Manage Profiles then edit.

Child Spanish Netflix Settings

 3.  Change the language from English to Español.

Recommended Netflix Shows in Spanish for Kids:

Vera y el Reino Arcoiris

Yoo Hoo Al Rescate

Spanish Book Recommendations for Kids:



Recommended Spanish Apps

ABC Mágico

Carolina Marroquin

This Latina mom and speech language pathologist shares her personal tips raising a bilingual son. Carolina Marroquin shares her favorite activities to do to promote language learning with her son.

Carolina Marroquin

Bilingual Kid's Recommendations:





Bilingual Music for Kids

1, 2, 3 Andres

Janny Perez

I’m Janny, my daughter is now 6 years old and our Spanish language learning today looks a little different.

Janny Perez Mi Legasi Founder

Book Recommendations:

Books to Teach Your Child Spanish

Class Recommendations:

The Spanish Classroom

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