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3.21 Sharon La Loca Montero - How Latinas Can Manifest What They Want In Their Life

3.21 Sharon La Loca Montero - How Latinas Can Manifest What They Want In Their Life - Mi LegaSi

How can a Latina manifest a radio show, love, and even a bilingual network cartoon into existence?  Would you like to know how you too can manifest what you want into your life?  In this episode, Latina radio personality, doggie mom, and the voice behind Tia Gloria on PBS Kids new cartoon Alma’s Way, Sharon “La Loca” Montero share’s her manifestation journey.

Join us as we talk about how manifesting and trusting in a higher power has helped her receive all the blessings in her life, her tips for you to start attracting into your life, and how the role of “Tia Gloria” came into existence.   Plus, we’ll talk about growing up Dominicana in Jersey, her favorite tradiciones, and her mami’s funny words of wisdom, asi que no te lo pierdas!

About Sharon "La Loca" Montero

"I am Dominicana from NJ who has been living my dream of being a radio personality for the past 18 yrs. 18 long years of chasing the dream and searching for love. During my roller coaster journey I have lost many jobs, dealt with my father’s cancer battle, did a reality show, had numerous boyfriends till I finally swiped right and found the love of my life. During all this my strength in God keeps me going because I know God has put me here for a purpose to entertain. "

Sharon La Loca Montero Voice of Tia Gloria on Alma's Way

Sharon is the voice behind "Tia Gloria" on PBS Kids Alma's Way.

Alma's Way

Video clip of Tia Gloria and Junior below



Sharon's YouTube channel


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