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Janny Perez - Latina Moms Mentor

Latina mompreneur and host of The Latina Mom Legacy podcast, Janny Perez, is a Latina mom lifestyle champion and bilingualism advocate. Her blogs have been featured in Oprah Daily, Parents Latina, and Hip Latina and her podcast was recognized by New York Family as 7 Podcasts Hosted by Diverse Moms to listen to.

Having built her business, Mi Legasi, around helping moms raise bilingual children connected to their Latinx roots, Janny's success in raising her own daughter bilingually and multi -culturally comes from her down to earth approach and practicality. Her success helping moms comes from dozens of Latina mom interviews and her passion to help and support like minded and struggling moms to become better versions of themselves in order to create a legacy their abuela's would be proud of.

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