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Latino Books

We are looking for Latino made or inspired products that cater to moms & families of young children. 

Help us help you!

ARTISTS:  Get your artwork promoted.

ARTISANS: Get your product noticed.

BOOK PUBLISHERS: Get your books to a specific audience.


SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Get your events promoted.

PRODUCTS:  Looking for Bilingual Toys, Games, Puzzles, etc. for children 3-6 years.  Looking for feel/good pampering products for mom (beauty, bath, home, etc).  Looking for Creating & Crafting Products.  We are happy to do cross promotion and include coupons, coupon codes, etc, in our box. 

CHARITIES:  We like to partner with Latino charities that promote child education, literacy, cultural preservation, Latino health, and empowerment to Latina moms.  If you have a registered non-profit and would like to get the word out about your cause, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to help you out! 

Thru Dec 10

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