Think Like a Jefa - Heavy Duty and Strong Large Natural Canvas Tote Bag with Bottom Gusset for Shopping!

Mi LegaSi


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Show off your Jefa Moves in style with this one of a kind tote bag  #thinklikeajefa #jefamoves



  • MULTI PURPOSE:  This heavy duty bag can also be used as a grocery shopping bag, a school/book bag, a beach bag, a gym bag, a birthday goodies bag, for your Christmas gifts, or for any other momma use you can think of!
  • HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE: Made from 80% natural cotton/20% polyester to combine the benefits of both cotton and polyester. This combination combines the hypoallergenic qualities and abrasion resistance of cotton with the tear-resistance/stretch-ability of polyester to keep your tote looking smooth and lasting a long time!  It's a thick 10 ounce fabric with precise heavyweight stitching throughout, including cross-stitching at the handles for maximum strength allowing the bag to hold up.
  • SAVE NATURE: Go green with our Natural and Reusable Tote Bag. Avoid the pollution that plastic bags cause and Say no to paper or plastic bags and be easy on our environment and say yes to our Non-Toxic bags. Try them out today!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Your tote fell in the mud!? No problem. Our totes wash very well and the 20% polyester blend makes the totes wrinkle resistant so if it gets dirty or something spills on it all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine to get it clean again.
  • Measures 14" X 13" X 3"


    Connect with your cultura, Create memories with your new familia, and Carry On your traditions.



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      How to order the Correct Size

      I don't want you to choose the wrong size when you order online.  I know I hate returning things!  To make it easier for you, I created simple, easy-to-read size charts to help you find the right t-shirt size.  Follow these 2 steps.

      1) Measure these 2 points, A (Width) & B (Length) on your child's onesies, t-shirts, or on your best fitting t-shirt

      Mi Legasi Baby Onesie Size ChartMi Legasi Tshirt Size Chart

      2) Find the closest match and order indicated size.

      Baby - Infant Onesie Size Chart 0 - 24 Months

      Our baby onesies are made of 100% cotton.  They are wider to accommodate growing babies.


      Width - A Length - B
      0-6 Months 8 1/2" 13 3/4"
      6-12 Months 9 1/4" 14 1/4"
      12-18 Months 9 3/4"




      10 1/4" 16 1/4"


      Toddler Size Chart 2 - 4 Years

      Our toddler t-shirts are made of 100% cotton.  They accommodate most toddlers 2-4 Years of age.


      Width - A Length - B
      2-4 Years 11 3/4"" 16 3/4"


      Child and Youth T-shirt Size Chart 6 -14 Years

      Our child and youth t-shirts are made of 100% cotton.  They accommodate most kids 6-14 Years of age.  If you are a petite small woman you may consider the 14-16 years Size t-shirt.


      Width - A Length - B
      6 - 8 Years 13" 18 1/2"
      10 - 12 Years 15" 20"
      14 - 16 Years 16 3/4"

      22 1/2


      Juniors T-shirt Size Chart

      Our Junior Girls t-shirts are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.  They are very form fitting and stretchy.  They accommodate teens or women looking for a snug t-shirt fit.


      Width - A Length - B Waist
      M 15" 24 1/2" 13"
      L 15 1/2" 25 3/4" 13 1/2"
      XL 16 1/4"

      26 1/2"

      14 1/4"

      Women's Unisex T-shirt Size Chart S - XL

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      Width - A Length - B
      S 18" 26 1/2"
      M 19 1/4" 28 1/4"
      L 20 1/2"



      21 1/2" 31 3/4"


      Not the right size after all? No worries, you can return and exchange it for the right size. Check out our return policy for more details.