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Bilingual Kids

It's Hispanic Heritage Month and as a Colombian mom raising a multicultural daughter, it's important to me that she grows up playing with toys that reflect the diverse world that we live in and that celebrate her Latino roots.  I've created a list of toys that celebrate important Hispanic icons, diversity, and that would be a great addition during this month or as an early Christmas gift for your child!  Check it out...
  • 7 min read
Hispanic Heritage Month is here and it's time to celebrate our Hispanic Heritage!  I couldn't find a list of children's books that were specific to Hispanic and Latin countries so I decided to create one. There are so many countries and each one celebrates it's culture, traditions, and even may speak Spanish differently, um plátano or banano?  Though we may be grouped by many as simply being Hispanic, Latino, or Mexican, the truth is that our countries are all different and these books celebrate our individual countries.  See what great children's book you can get to celebrate your Hispanic Heritage this month!
  • 11 min read
There are many benefits and challenges for parents raising bilingual children.  I grew up speaking Spanish at home and English at school.  We hated speaking Spanish.  To us it was simply a way of communicating with our family.  It wasn't until years later that I truly appreciated the effort my parents put forth making sure we were able to speak, read, and write Español.  Fast forward many years and a toddler later, I too am doing my very best to raise a bilingual daughter.  I wanted to share with you my findings and my personal experiences.
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