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How Being Unplugged Changed My Life

How Being Unplugged Changed My Life - Mi LegaSi

As some of you may know, I took a trip of a lifetime with my best friend to celebrate our birthdays.  At first it started as a simple "mamacation" for both of us to get away from everyday mom and work life but what transpired over those 10 days was simply life changing and honestly unexpected.

The Vatican

When I left, I had a clear vision of what I was doing, where I was heading with my business and where I wanted to go.  The first few days of our getaway were simply fun, playing tourists.  We started in Rome, visited the Vatican, attended the Papal mass, saw the Colosseum, rode around the city, ate, drank wine, and we posted pictures about our adventure.  I was reminded of how much I enjoy simply walking and taking pictures.   

Janny at the Vatican

Rome Hideaway

Dinner in Rome

Our next part of the trip was to Siena.  This is where our trip turned from a simple mamacation to a more life altering vacation.  I'd forgotten how much fun it was to spend hours having a conversation and laughing hysterically without interruptions, whether it was a "mom, mom, mom" or a "ding" from our phones telling us someone liked our latest post.  We observed the simple life of people enjoying their lives, starting work at 10am, having a sit down lunch, closing shops at 7pm only to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail while chatting with friends or loved ones, and then a family dinner, whether it was at a local restaurant or you could smell the aromas from nearby houses of families preparing their evening meals.    




Tuscany, wine country, reminded me of how much I love the outdoors and being connected to nature.  The breathtaking scenery and slow paced life made me want to be outdoors more, something that I don't do nearly enough working 8-10 hours a day behind a computer screen.


Wine country mamas

Tuscany Sunset

Our last part of our vacation, I simply became unplugged.  No emails, little to no social media, no posts, and little to no texting.  We were in Florence and one day I awoke at 8am to walk the city and enjoy a session of yoga.  Very few people were around and the city was barely awake.  I loved the tranquility, the peacefulness and that's when I began to question so many things in my life.  Is a simpler life a better life?  What is truly important in my life?  What brings me happiness and joy?  Am I happy where I live?  How do I want my daughter to grow up?  How can I spend more time with my husband?  So many questions.

yoga in Tuscany


Thinking in Florence

Do I have answers?  No.  Am I in a rush to answer them?  Yes and no.  What about my business?  I don't know.  What I do know, is that sometimes you think you have it all figured out and then life, the universe, or God sends you a message you don't know how to read and it's up to you to try and decipher it.  I am trying to decipher this one.  In the meantime, I do know that I enjoy writing as much as I do reading (I actually read books while I was away!)  I will continue to write and look within myself on where to go from here.  "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." -Aristotle

Cafecito Italiano

I invite you along my journey to see where it goes.  For now, one day at a time, one cafecito at a time.  That's all we can do.



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