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2.20 Dr. Ana Vargas - How increased screen time affects your faily's eye health, what you need to know.

2.20 Dr. Ana Vargas - How increased screen time affects your faily's eye health, what you need to know. - Mi LegaSi

Worried about increased screen time? You should be.  In this episode, we talk with  a Latina mom of 2 with a multicultural family who’s going to give us all the facts that we need to know about eye health. She’s an accomplished Optometrist and owner of Ooh La La Optometry in California, Dr. Ana Vargas.

Join us as she answers your most concerning questions and offers tips on what we can do to take care of our family’s eye health.  Plus, she shares her difficulties in raising bilingual kids, her favorite Nicaraguan dish, and how you can get a discounted eye exam if you’re in the Cali area, asi que no te lo pierdas!

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Season 2 Podcast Episode 20 Show Notes

About Dr. Ana Vargas

"At Ooh La La Optometry in Sherman Oaks and Silverlake, California, Ana Vargas, OD, puts a chic spin on vision and eye care. Dr. Vargas has practiced optometry for over a decade since receiving her optometric doctorate in 2006 from the University of California, Berkeley."

Dr. Ana Vargas Ooh La La Optometry

Dr. Vargas offers a variety of services including eye exams and provides several forms of personalized treatment. Whether you prefer eyeglasses or contacts, Dr. Vargas will ensure that your prescription is accurate and prompt. She also offers corrective treatments such as Lasik Eye Surgery for those who’d like to experience crystal-clear vision unaided by glasses or contacts.

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