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2.23 Lina A. Sandaal - How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids in a Digital World

2.23 Lina A. Sandaal - How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids in a Digital World - Mi LegaSi

Are you concerned about your child’s emotional well being during these times?  In today’s episode I have a Latina mom of 2 and parenting expert which you may have seen on Telemundo, Lina Acosta Sandaal.

Join us as we answer questions about emotional intelligence in kids. Is screen time is affecting them? What about being away from other kids? and what are the biggest mistakes we’re making as parents.  Plus, how can you get expert advice for free?  Asi que no te lo pierdas!

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Season 2 Podcast Episode 23 Show Notes

About Lina Acosta Sandaal

"I earned my Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology.  I trained in infant mental health, child and adolescent development, inter-personal neuro-biology, and trauma-focused treatments. Finally in 2012, I founded our parenting program.  In that moment, I made a commitment to assist and support other parents to use all of their experiences in seeing how their children challenge them to be the best person they can be. I often get told, "you must love children,"and I do, because they are usually my greatest teachers. But, I love parents. Each one of us as parents has been given the responsibility to build a better community by guiding and loving our children.  That tenuous task is what wakes me every morning to do the work that I do with all those families and parents who honor me by asking for my assistance and support."

Lina Acosta Sandaal Latina Parenting Expert 

"Stop Parenting Alone represents love, kindness, compassion, truth, and knowledge.  I am all about parenting and supporting families in listening to their inner voices and strengthening their ability to make good choices for their children. I use the information and research in attachment theory, interpersonal neuro-biology, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, and real life parenting experiences with the goal in mind that each family find their authenticity and become their truest selves. I am committed to enriching the lives of my clients by assisting in self-discovery, encouraging them to attain the change desired, and creating the space to explore their roles as individuals, partners, and parents."

Follow Lina on Instagram @stopparentingalone and @parentingexpert

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