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2.22 Janny Perez & Percy Trayanov - What's working for this Multicultural Family During the Pandemic

2.22 Janny Perez & Percy Trayanov - What's working for this Multicultural Family During the Pandemic - Mi LegaSi


Have you thought about what’s working and not working for you these days?  In today’s episode  the host of The Latina Mom Legacy wants to catch up with you and share with you what’s working and not working for her family these days.  

Join us as she offers her latest tips on raising a bilingual daughter, what’s working in business, and what’s working in her relationship with a very special guest appearance by her rock star husband, Percy Trayanov.  Plus, what is she struggling with these day? Asi que no te lo pierdas!

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Season 2 Podcast Episode 22 Show Notes

About Janny Perez

Janny Perez, a Colombian born, Miami raised, cafecito lover, took a leap to start a subscription box business, Mi Legasi (pronounced Me Legacy) to empower Hispanic families to Connect with their Latino culture, Carry On traditions, enhance quality family time and bilingual learning and it didn't turn out so well!  That's ok, todo pasa por una razón, everything happens for a reason and instead she found her voice in the process.

Janny Pérez Tu lucha es mi lucha tshirt

Now she's taking her 20 years as a product designer and her life as a mami on a mission to help Latina moms and multicultural families like hers through her own growth via Mi Legasi and The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast.  Being a parent is hard work and trying to raise Spanish speaking children proud of their heritage in today's America is even harder!  But we shouldn't have to feel alone and she's happy to have you along for the journey.

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About Percy Trayanov

Percy Trayanov started his musical endeavor at the early age of 6. Having both parents trained in classical music, they instilled discipline further developing his keen ear for music.  Studying at music institutions and being trained in classical piano created a strong and creative foundation. By the age of 18, Percy got to experience touring, performing in sports arenas and amphitheaters. After his classical piano studies, Percy went ahead to study bass guitar at Academy of Music.
In 2006 he toured with his band CYLAB as a support act for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.  Late that year, Percy was recruited by multi platinum EMI/Virgin recording artist RBD. In 2008, he was approached by Acey Slade (Joan Jett, ex-Murderdolls, Dope) to join his band. For the next 6 year he played with Acey Slade & The Dark Party opening for Kiss's Ace frehley before joining the band The Dirty Pearls and even playing a spontaneous show with Lady Gaga. In 2016 he joined Rachel Lorin and Madame Mayhem with whom he toured with Sevendust, Memphis Mayfire, Nonpoint opening for Judas Priest and in 2018 he joined Dark Sky Choir where he toured with Queensryche and Monster Magnet.  He is also a session musician.
He is married to Janny Perez and has a 5 year old daughter.  


Follow Percy on Instagram @perc07

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