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301 - 7 Ways Latinos Can Prepare For Losing a Loved One or Death

301 - 7 Ways Latinos Can Prepare For Losing a Loved One or Death - Mi LegaSi

How do you prepare your family and yourself for death?  I know this is a conversation many of us haven’t really had or want to have.   In this episode, I share with you 7 lessons I have learned after losing my dad to Covid-19 and how it’s empowering me to start preparing for the inevitable…death.  

Join me, Janny Perez, your host, for our season opener.  I’ll share with you my very personal story about losing my hero,  all the things that I know that I can do now to help prepare my family, and how I’m using this experience for growth and change.   If you think this conversation is not for  you, think again.  This conversation is for everyone, asi que no te lo pierdas!

Season 3 Podcast Episode 01 Show Notes

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