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3.02 How Can a Grief Coach Help You with Nesreen Ahmed.

3.02 How Can a Grief Coach Help You with Nesreen Ahmed. - Mi LegaSi

Have you suffered loss and are wondering where to go for help? Have you ever even considered going to therapy, counseling, or coaching?  In this episode, I talk with multicultural Egyptian American mom of 1 and Harbor Light Coaching grief expert, Nesreen Ahmed.

Join us as we discuss the different types of grief support available and we’ll show you what a real one on one grief coaching session looks like as we dive deep into my current state after losing my father.  Plus, we’ll talk about raising a bilingual 1 year old, motherhood, and how you can take a free grief assessment.  Asi que no te lo pierdas!

Season 3 Podcast Episode 02 The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast Show Notes - How a Grief Coach Can Help You

About Grief Coach Nesreen Ahmed

Nesreen is a Grief Coach at Harbor Light Coaching

"Throughout my professional life, I have always been committed to supporting others, especially during the most difficult of times. In 2013, my sister passed away suddenly. This was a profound loss and to say I was in shock was an understatement. Throughout this period, I found myself questioning how I wanted to spend the time I had left on this planet, and how to use my time and energy to live a fulfilling life and help others do the same."

 Grief Coach Nesreen Ahmed

"As therapy and support groups were only mildly helpful for me, I was desperately seeking a more proactive approach to come to terms with what had happened. Soon after, I discovered and began working with a Grief Coach. With my coach, I was able to work through all that felt unresolved, including the guilt, regret, and sadness that would have otherwise plagued me for the rest of my life. In transforming my own grief, I was inspired to help other people going through loss. I trained at the Grief Recovery Institute to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist."

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