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436 - Christine "Tacos" Blandino How Lego Masters Changed This Latina Mom's Life

436 - Christine "Tacos" Blandino How Lego Masters Changed This Latina Mom's Life - Mi LegaSi

Calling all Latina Lego fans.  Are you or your kids a fan of the hit show Lego Masters on Fox? Well listen up cause I have one of their contestants on the show.  In this episode, Latina mom of 1, LEGO fan, LEGO STEM educator , and Bronx raised, Christine, “Tacos” Blandino shares how Lego Masters has changed her life.

 Join us as we talk about the challenges you can face when your family or culture simply don’t understand LEGO,  what her experience was as Latina on the show, and how you can nurture and encourage play in kids no matter what they want to play with.   Plus, we’ll talk about how she’s raising a bilingual daughter, her favorite Latino dishes, and some behind the scenes facts you won’t want to miss. Asi que no te lo pierdas!

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About Christine "Tacos" Blandino 

Christine "Masters" Blandino LEGO Masters Contestant

Photo by FOX

Originally from New York and now living in New England. Tacos' career has been surrounded by children for over 20 years. From working at a toy store to to teaching Pre-K, working with children has always been a passion.
Tacos to school for engineering and combined both passions of physics with play.

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About Host Janny Perez 

Host, Janny Perez is a Latina mom raising a multilingual and multicultural daughter to be proud of her roots.

Join her as she interviews Latina moms, language & heritage experts and motivates you to stay on your bilingual parenting journey. Grab a cafecito, we’re talking bilingualism, growing up Latina, and tradiciones.

The show alternates between interview and solo shows. Tuesdays feature guest interviews of powerful Latina moms from around the world as they share their bilingual parenting tips, how they're impacting the Latinx community, and a fast round of questions where guests share their favorites about their Hispanic heritage.

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