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439 - Sandra Velazquez - Nopalera Founder & How Be Built a Million Dollar Culturally Driven Business

439 - Sandra Velazquez - Nopalera Founder & How Be Built a Million Dollar Culturally Driven Business - Mi LegaSi

Do you know that it’s possible to build a 7 figure business that celebrates your Latina roots?  Do you want to know how?  In this episode, Latina mom, former musician, and beauty industry disruptor Sandra Velazquez  shares how she built the culturally driven million dollar beauty brand Nopalera.

Join us as we talk about her journey building Nopalera and her best tips on how you can build and grow your business. So grab a pen and paper.  Plus, we’ll talk about how she’s raising a bilingual teen, her best money tip, and her unconventional Hispanic home remedy that keeps her going.   Asi que no te lo pierdas!

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About Sandra Velazquez

Nopalera Founder Sandra Velazquez

"I was raised by Mexican immigrant parents in California near the US/Mexican border, and I founded Nopalera to celebrate my culture. Loud and proud. No apologies.

Growing up, nopales were everywhere. We’d frequently cut them from our own yard and cook them. Later, I began using nopales in my artisan bath and body products, and Nopalera was born.

We’re committed to making high-end products with clean ingredients and celebrating natural beauty and resilience wherever we find it."

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Host, Janny Perez is a Latina mom raising a multilingual and multicultural daughter to be proud of her roots.

Join her as she interviews Latina moms, language & heritage experts and motivates you to stay on your bilingual parenting journey. Grab a cafecito, we’re talking bilingualism, growing up Latina, and tradiciones.

The show alternates between interview and solo shows. Tuesdays feature guest interviews of powerful Latina moms from around the world as they share their bilingual parenting tips, how they're impacting the Latinx community, and a fast round of questions where guests share their favorites about their Hispanic heritage.

If you found the blog post useful and want to see additional resources to raise bilingual Spanish children connected to their roots, see how Janny, the Latina Mom Legacy podcast host can help with more resources.


1 Response

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato

December 15, 2022

OMG Janny… that interview with Nopalera founder Sandra was FIRE!!  

As one who pretty much ignores the entire beauty industry, I had never heard of her. 

As an entrepreneur, Latina and Capitán Mamá, I absolutely loved the interview.!!

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