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472-Stef Salas: How to Raise Multilingual Children Easily and Effortlessly

472-Stef Salas: How to Raise Multilingual Children Easily and Effortlessly - Mi LegaSi

Is it possible to raise multilinguals with minimum effort?  Is it possible for children to acquire language knowledge just by listening?  In this case study episode, Stefanie Salas, a Latina mom of 2 living in Belgium share with us how she’s raising her children to speak 4 languages. 

Join us as we talk about the methods her family is using, the importance of language exposure, and her advice for moms everywhere.  Plus, we talk about the different accents we pick up, her favorite Mexican dish to pass down, and I share some tips she can practice as her children get older.  Asi que no te lo pierdas!


Episode Sponsor: The Language Grove All SPanish Preschool in North Hills, California.  Get 10% Off your first 6 months when you mention The Latina Mom Legacy.⁠⁠⁠

What you’ll learn from this episode

  • Learn key strategies that you need to raise bilinguals with ease.

  • Learn how a child's environment nurtures their language development and what you can do to nurture your child.

  • What is your "worst enemy" when it comes to bilingual and multilingual parenting.

About Stef Salas

Stef Salas

  • Mompreneur, proud Latina and foreigner since I have memory, half Mexican, half Panamanian,
  • Passionate about helping other people and finding ways of improving everyday.
  • Connect with Stef on Instagram @maleia_bxl


"Always trust your own process because the answers are within yourself. Trust your intuition because as a mother you know what’s best for them in any situation."

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