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503-Hispanic Heritage Month - Latina Mom's Share Their Favorite Dishes to Pass Down Part 2

503-Hispanic Heritage Month - Latina Mom's Share Their Favorite Dishes to Pass Down Part 2 - Mi LegaSi

If you could introduce your kids to one amazing Latino dish from Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, or Venezuela, which would it be and why? Get ready for part 2 of this epic culinary adventure as we explore from the traditions of Mexico to the delights of Puerto Rico.  Listen as Latina moms share their personal stories and favorite platos they’d like to pass down.

Hope you don’t get too hungry as you immerse yourself in Latin American cuisine and get inspired to celebrate of Hispanic Heritage Month replete de delicias.  Yo, a bilingual parenting educator, author, and multilingual parenting mom Janny Perez te invito as we take a closer look.  Asi que no te lo pierdas.

Scroll down for a list of guests and amazing Latino cookbooks by region.

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Exploring Culinary Traditions: Delve into the rich culinary traditions of Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

  • Interactive Language Learning:  Understand how infusing family meals with diverse flavors can provide an engaging language learning experience, allowing children to discover new words and phrases in multiple languages.
  • Preserving Family Stories: Learn about the significance of food as a powerful vessel for preserving and sharing family stories and memories, offering a unique opportunity to connect with your heritage while practicing languages.
  • Cultural Celebration Through Food: Discover how celebrating your cultural roots through beloved dishes can create a meaningful bilingual experience that strengthens your connection to your heritage.
  • Simple Recipes for Tradition: Gain insights into how even if you're not a seasoned cook or lack family recipes, you can still learn and create simple recipes to pass down to your children, ensuring that cultural traditions endure for generations.
  • Embrace Your Culture All Year Round:  Embrace your Latin or Hispanic culture and recognize how the love for these dishes can serve as a bridge to your language and heritage, not just during Hispanic Heritage Month, but throughout the year.

About This Episode Guests

Yeinsy Contreras (Honduras):

Yeinsy Contreras is a Latina mom raising bilingual kids specializing in life coaching.

Listen to the Full Interview:

404- Yeinsy Contreras - 5 Claves Para Organizar tu Hogar un Paso a La Vez 5 Tips to Organize Your Home One Step at a Time


warmly invite you to join their journey as founders of a small Latina-owned publishing company. As Mexican immigrants from the 1.5 generation, they understand the significance of bilingualism and aim to support new generations of Little Dreamers in embracing their bilingualism and succeeding in school, drawing from their extensive background in education.

Listen to the Full Interview:

3.18 How Three Latina Sisters are Changing the Bilingual Book Landscape

Dr. Ana Vargas (Nicaragua):

Dr. Ana Vargas, OD, of Ooh La La Optometry in Sherman Oaks and Silverlake, California, combines chic style with vision care. With over a decade of optometry experience, she offers personalized eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts, and corrective procedures like Lasik Eye Surgery for crystal-clear vision.

Listen to the Full Interview:

2.20 Dr. Ana Vargas - How increased screen time affects your faily's eye health, what you need to know.

Stefanie Salas (Panama)

Stefanie Salas is a mompreneur, a proud Latina, and has been living as a foreigner for as long as she can remember, being half Mexican and half Panamanian. She is passionate about helping others and constantly seeks ways to improve everyday life.

Listen to the Full Interview:

472-Stef Salas: How to Raise Multilingual Children Easily and Effortlessly

Ada Stamper (Peru):

Ada Stamper is a Peruvian mom with 2 children. She studied business administration and also worked as an English preschool teacher in Peru. She loves Peruvian food and culture.

Listen to the Full Interview:

471-Ada Stamper: Cuando No Crias Hijos Que Hablen Tu Idioma Natal

Marimer Maldonado-Hilker (Puerto Rico):

As a dedicated Latina mom, Marimer is on a mission to share her Puerto Rican heritage with her daughter, from food to dance. Frustrated by the lack of suitable resources, she founded "We are Root-Ed" to provide structured and enjoyable educational content, leveraging her marketing expertise and motherhood experience to help families raise kids who truly embrace their roots.

Listen to the Full Interview:

3.06 Marimer Maldonado-Hilker- Pivoting & Finding Purpose in a Bilingual Kids Puerto Rican Box

Monica Encarnacion (Uruguay):

Monica Encarnacion, a Digital Parenting Writer and Consultant, runs the blog NYCTechMommy. With 12 years of experience as an elementary teacher and a tech background, she aims to inspire families to embrace tech for learning and connection.

Listen to the Full Interviews:

2.24 Monica Encarnación - 2020 Toy Gift Guide - What to Get Kids for Christmas in 2020??

329 - Monica Encarnacion - 2021 Holiday Toy Gift Guide - What to Get the Kids for Christmas

433 - Monica Encarnacion - 2022 Best Latinx Toys For Christmas

Patricia Hidalgo (Venezuela):

Patricia, a psychotherapist specializing in Child Parent Psychotherapy and Maternal Mental Health, is transitioning from a clinic role to launching her private practice. She hosts the podcast "I NEED UN MINUTO," addressing the needs of bicultural mothers, and shares insights on food, culture, and parenting in Spanish on FOODYCRIANZA.

Listen to the Full Interviews:

3.05 Patricia Hidalgo - How Latina Moms Can Recharge in Less than 5 Minutes with I Need un Minuto


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