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502-Hispanic Heritage Month - Passing Down The Plate: Latina Mom's Share Their Favorite Dishes to Pass Down

502-Hispanic Heritage Month - Passing Down The Plate: Latina Mom's Share Their Favorite Dishes to Pass Down - Mi LegaSi

Have you ever wondered what Latino dish you would like to pass down to your kids and why? Well, we're kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month with a special two-part series celebrating our favorite comidas. In this part 1 episode, we'll explore the flavors of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Guatemala. From the sizzling steaks and empanadas of Argentina to the aromatic spices of Cuban cuisine, we'll take you on a culinary journey across these vibrant cultures.

Listen to Latina moms share their stories and connections to the delicious dishes they want to pass down. Whether you're a foodie or curious about Latin American cuisine, get ready to crave and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month con sabor! Asi que no te lo pierdas!

Scroll down for a list of guests and amazing Latino cookbooks by region.

In this Episode You Will Learn

    • Culinary Exploration: The episode explores the diverse and delicious flavors of Latin American and Caribbean cuisines from countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Guatemala.
    • Heritage Connection: Listeners will gain insights into how Latino moms connect with their cultural heritage through the dishes they want to pass down to their children. These recipes are not just about taste but also about preserving traditions.
    • Bilingual Parenting: The episode emphasizes the role of food in bilingual parenting. Sharing these cultural dishes with your children not only delights their taste buds but also deepens their connection to their heritage languages.
    • Cultural Insights: As you explore the rich diversity of Latin American cuisines, you'll discover how food is intertwined with language, culture, and family stories. It's a fun and educational way to introduce new words and phrases in multiple languages.
    • Year-Round Celebration: The episode encourages celebrating Hispanic heritage and culture year-round, not just during Hispanic Heritage Month. Food is a powerful way to maintain and celebrate your cultura.

These takeaways highlight the cultural significance of food in raising bilingual children and strengthening the connection to Latino heritage.

About This Episode Guests

Valeria Aloe (Argentina):

Valeria, founder of Abundancia Consciente, empowers Hispanic professionals and business owners with her 20+ years of corporate experience and academic pursuits.

Listen to the Full Interview:

407 Valeria Aloe - Author of Uncolonized Latinas How Latinas Can Transform Their Mindset for Success

Fabiola Woerner (Chile):

Teacher Fabiola, the Bilingual Educator, offers Spanish classes for all levels, boosting confidence and cultural understanding with expertise in counseling psychology and TESOL, all while enjoying hobbies like crocheting and cooking in her free time.

Listen to the Full Interview:

425 Fabiola Woerner- How to Prevent Your Kids From Losing Their Spanish When They Start School

 Jen Hemphill (Colombia):

Jen Hemphill, a bilingual Latina, empowers career-oriented women to master their finances, hosts the Her Dinero Matters podcast, and has been featured in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, and NPR.

Listen to the Full Interview:

431 -Jen Hemphill - 3 Habits for Latina Moms to Build Money Confidence


Maria Twena (Cuba):

Maria, the creator of MariVi The Master Navigator, is an award-winning bicultural marketing pioneer with a background in psychology and mass communications.

Listen to the Full Interview:

467-Maria Twena, Author Behind Children's Books and TV Series MariVi, The Master Navigator


Ana Yavorsky (Ecuador):

Miss Ana, a mother of four and the founder of Spanish Play Dates©, created her effective language teaching techniques to connect with her children on a deeper level. She now shares these techniques with other families, teaching Spanish to children through play and music, both in person and online.

Listen to the Full Interview:

Episode 02 -  Professional Tips on Raising Bilingual Kids with Ecuadorian Mom and Spanish Playdates Founder Ana Gallegos-Yavorsky


Ana Guzman & Luciana Yarhi

 As native Spanish-speaking moms, they started Binibi to make it easy for parents to introduce Spanish to their infants through fun and interactive books, addressing the limited availability of such resources and aiming to foster a love for reading and learning together.

Listen to the Full Interview:

331 - Ana Guzman & Luciana Yarhi the Founders of Binibi from Idea to Creation


Nathalia Segoviano:

Nathalia Segoviano is a money coach who has transformed her life and her finances and is now helping other moms take control of their money with her budgeting tools program.

Listen to the Full Interview:

Season 3 Podcast Episode 03 The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast Show Notes - How Latinas Can Set Up Their Financial Foundation in 5 Steps


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El Salvador:




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September 18, 2023

Love all the latina moms you interviewed and foods from their countries. Wish you had include Puerto Rico, ha! Next time!

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