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3.03 5 How Latinas Can set Up Their Financial Foundation in 5 Steps

3.03 5 How Latinas Can set Up Their Financial Foundation in 5 Steps - Mi LegaSi

Do you know anything about investing for your future?  Do you have a budget or are you just working and living paycheck to paycheck?  In this episode, I talk with a Latina mom of 1 who's taken her struggles and transformed her finances and now wants to help you.  She's money coach Nathalia Segoviano.

Join us as we give you 5 steps to get your financial foundation in order so you can start living the life you want.  Plus, we’ll talk about raising a bilingual daughter, motherhood, and the financial advice we were given growing up Latina.  Asi que no te lo pierdas!


Season 3 Podcast Episode 03 The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast Show Notes - How Latinas Can Set Up Their Financial Foundation in 5 Steps

About Money Coach Nathalia Segoviano

Nathalia Segoviano is a Money Coach at Mom Money Boss

Mom Money Coach Nathalia Segoviano

Nathalia Segoviano is a money coach who has transformed her life and her finances and is now helping other moms take control of their money with her budgeting tools program.

Follow Nathalia on Instagram @mom_money_boss

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