Episode 04 - The Latina Mom Legacy: Dealing with speech delay with Analily Morales

Episode 04 - The Latina Mom Legacy: Dealing with speech delay with Analily Morales

by Janny Perez

Are you afraid that if you introduce a second language your child may have a speech delay?  Well, this mom experienced just that, but did not let that stop her from continuing to speak to her son in Español.  In today's episode, we talk with Mexican American mom and founder of Raising Español, Analily Morales.  We discuss the struggles of raising a nonverbal child, she offers tips and recommendations, and find out how being raised more Americanized has impacted this Latina mom.  Plus we'll have a yummy Mexican recipe just for you!

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Podcast Episode 04 Show Notes:

Tips & Recommendations

Netflix - Create a profile or chanel for your child in Spanish in Netflix

1. Go to user profile page.  Click on Manage profiles and click on Add User or agregar perfil.

Child Netflix Profile

 2.  Change your child's language to Spanish.  Go to Manage Profiles then edit.

Child Spanish Netflix Settings

 3.  Change the language from English to Español.

Recommended Netflix Shows in Spanish for Kids:

Vera y el Reino Arcoiris

Yoo Hoo Al Rescate

Spanish Book Recommendations for Kids:


Recommended Spanish Apps

ABC Mágico


Mexican Pambazo

Are you a Latina mom or multicultural mom raising bilingual, bi-cultural, or multicultural children?  Be a guest on our show and contact me at

Follow Raising Español @raisingespanol

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Janny Perez
Janny Perez


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