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The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Do you know that it’s possible to build a 7 figure business that celebrates your Latina roots?  Do you want... Read More
Calling all Latina Lego fans.  Are you or your kids a fan of the hit show Lego Masters on Fox?... Read More

433 - Monica Encarnacion - 2022 Best Latinx Toys For Christmas
November 07, 2022 | The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Have you thought about what cool toys to get your kids, nieces, nephews, or vecinos?  Have enough to do already?  In this episode Latina... Read More

431 -Jen Hemphill - 3 Habits for Latina Moms to Build Money Confidence
October 24, 2022 | The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Do you know what your money story is? Do you know what you need in order to build financial confidence?... Read More
Have you discovered Rosie’s Rules on PBS yet? It’s a new bilingual animated series about a Mexican American little girl... Read More
Are you raising a bilingual child and wondering how to continue to support Spanish once your child enters school?  Do... Read More
Do you want to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your familia but have no idea what to do? Do you... Read More
Are you a mom with an autistic child or special needs?  Would you like to understand more about autism and... Read More

410 Marcela Collier - Breaking Cycles with Parenting With Understanding
February 14, 2022 | The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Are you frustrated with your parenting skills?  Do you feel like no matter what you do you aren’t communicating well... Read More
How do you feel when you hear the saying, Calladita es mejor?  Do you understand that if you’re a Latina... Read More
Como organizas tu hogar en 5 pasos? Como puedes mantener un hogar organizado y que te llene de Felicidad? In... Read More

401 Walter Mercado - Predicciones Para 2022. Predictions for 2022
January 02, 2022 | The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Want to know what 2022 has in store for you?  Que va a pasar con tu salud, amor, o dinero? ... Read More
How does an idea go from supporting your children’s bilingual journey via books to meeting your Kickstarter goal of 30... Read More
Is your child an HSP? Do you even know what this means? Did you know that 2 out 10 people... Read More
How does an award winning Colombian bilingual children’s book author get inspired to write her books?  How is this author... Read More
How can a Latina manifest a radio show, love, and even a bilingual network cartoon into existence?  Would you like... Read More

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