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The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Did you know that cool bilingual children’s music exists with the sounds we love like cumbia, salsa, or even reggaetón? In this episode, I have the Latin Grammy award-winning husband and wife duo behind 123 Andres, Andres and Christina that show us exactly that.
Join us as we talk about the mission behind their music, they reveal the truth about the Latin Grammys and find out who swears by Vicks and pan de bonos. Plus, they’ll share what they’ll be giving away for our Christmas in July Spectacular.
  • 1 min read

Can you imagine thinking that your child simply has a cold and then she’s diagnosed with diabetes and celiac disease?  On this episode, I have a Latina mom of 1, Liliana Caldera that shares her family’s frightening story.

Join us we talk about diabetic symptoms, how she’s treating her recently diagnosed daughter, and her advice to other moms that may be going through this.  Plus, we talk about raising her bilingual daughter and her favorite Mexican summer traditions.

  • 1 min read

How do you feel about black lives?  How you feel about black Latinos.  

On today’s show, I have a Dominican mom of 3, she’s a fashion entrepreneur, and founder of LaDi, Laura Diaz-Alberto.

Join us we have a very candid and enlightening conversation about race in America and the Latino community, her struggle raising bilingual boys, and how her maternity fashion brand embraces inclusivity.

If you stick around to the end you’ll receive a special discount code for her online shop Ladi With a Baby that not only will bring a little class into your life but you’ll feel good about supporting a black Latinx brand, asi que no te lo pierdas.

  • 1 min read

Do you want to raise a bilingual child and are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information out there?

On today’s show, I have a Latina mom of 2, she’s a teacher, an entrepreneur, and founder of Nene Bilingue, Veronica Villa, better known as Vero.

Join us as she provides 5 practical techniques for raising bilingual children, we talk about the struggles of being quarantined, and traditions that she’s like to pass down to her kids.

Plus, you’ll want to stick around to the end to receive 12 Free Bilingual Book Buddies Newsletters filled with practical bilingual activities you can do with your kids right in the comfort of your home, asi que no te lopierdas.

  • 32 min read

What life lessons have you learned from your Latina mom?  How have you become like her?

On today’s show, I have 9 Latinas across North America, including mija Victoria and I that share some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from our moms.

Join us as we laugh, cry, and look back at our childhoods while celebrating the most influential person in our lives, our madres.

  • 22 min read

Are you concerned about your child’s speech or language development?  Are you raising a bilingual child and you feel like your child may have a delay?

On today’s show, I have a Latina mom of 1 that will help answer all of these questions.  She’s a 9 year bilingual speech language pathologist, a busy working mom, and sancocho lover, Carolina Marroquin. 

Join us as we talk about myths surrounding language and speech development in bilingual kids, age appropriate milestones that will help us better understand language development in kids, and tips on things we can do right at home to help our kids language development, plus we’ll talk about her favorite traditions and what she’d like to pass down to her son.  Asi que, no te lo pierdas.

  • 31 min read
Coronavirus has turned everyone's life upside down.  So, how are you coping with your new norm as a mom?  On today's show, we talk with 9 moms that share their tips, struggles, and truths about how they're coping with quarantine, homeschooling, working from home, and just everyday life.  Join us as we talk to these Latina moms across America:
  • 1 min read

Are you afraid of losing your job?  Are you trying to figure out how to save more money and have more cash in your pocket?

On today’s show, I offer you 10 personal money saving tips that I am doing right now to make my money stretch farther.  The norm is a bit scary but finding easy ways that you can save can give you a bit more peace of mind during this uncertain time.

  • 1 min read

Have you all of a sudden become a homeschooling mom or dad because of Coronavirus?  Are you simply clueless as to what you can do at home with your child?

On today’s show, I have a Latina tia, my sister, that’s going empower us with tips and activities that we can do with our kids at home if we're homeschooling or under quarantine and tell us what's the biggest mistake we can make during this time of uncertainty.

  • 1 min read

Are your New Year’s goals of getting in shape or living a healthier lifestyle starting to fade?  Do you feel like you just don’t have the time or energy because you’re too busy running around after the kids?

On today’s show, I have a Latina mom of 1 that’s going empower us get back on track of our fitness goals.  She’s empowering everyday moms just like us through her Free facebook group, she’s a Capirotada fan, and founder of, Jessica Arizaga-Ortega.

  • 1 min read
Do you think that owning a home is an impossible dream?  Do you feel that you have too much debt or not enough saving to even consider owning property?  Well on today’s show, I have a Latina mom of 1 that’s going to empower you to leave your fears behind.  She’s empowering the Latinx community through home buying education, she’s a bandeja paisa lover, and my personal accountability buddy, Carolina Builes.
  • 1 min read
Have you ever thought of having a taking a family language immersion vacation? On today's show, I have a Latina mom of 2 that has reinvented the Spanish Immersion vacation with lessons and activities your abuela would be proud of. 
She's a moros lover and founder of Dual Language Family, Kathy Galloway.
Join us as we talk about the inspiration behind empowering families and helping low income communities through her company's Spanish reading program, she also offers tips on how she's raising two preteen bilingual daughters, and how she's passing down her favorite Dominican recipes.
  • 1 min read
How would you feel if your doctors told you your illness are all in your head?  On today's show we have a Latina mom of one that was told exactly that.  Join us Sara Godbey takes us through her journey living with two diseases and how she's taken control of her body with nutrition and wellness with a little help from Beauty Counter.   Plus, she has great tips on raising her 1 year old bilingual baby and if you stick til the end, she has a special beauty gift just for you.
  • 1 min read
Are you ready to empower yourself and move forward?  Are you ready to break the cycles that have held you back as a Latina?  On this episode of The Latina Mom Legacy, your host, Janny Perez, shares her personal tips on setting intention and goals in your life and how you can stay motivated so you can get closer to your dreams.  Plus, listen to what's in store for Season 2
  • 1 min read
Ever thought to interview your mami or abuela?  Do you really know where your childhood Christmas traditions or experiences stem from?  In this episode, I interview a big hearted fashionista,  Latina mom of three, that just happens to me be my mom, Sonia Perez.  We talk about her Christmas traditions growing up in a coffee plantation in Colombia, how those Chrsitmas traditions evolved once she immigrated to the U.S, and we talk about what she wants her legacy to be.  Get ready to laugh, cry, and have a glimpse into my mami's life.
  • 1 min read
On this episode we talk about getting organized for the holidays, who to give to, what to give, and of course my favorite, the Best gifts for Christmas to teach your kids Spanish. Lucky for you I've done all the research and I have a Free Gift for your child!
  • 4 min read
On this episode of Quick Tips we talk with my 4 year old daughter Victoria and her two Spanish speaking friends, Ellie and Chico, about some of our favorite books written by Mo WIllems and what they're thankful for this season.
  • 1 min read

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