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2019 Best Toys and Gifts to Teach Your Child Spanish

2019 Best Toys and Gifts to Teach Your Child Spanish - Mi LegaSi

2019 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids so They Can Learn Spanish

The holiday season is upon us and with that the responsibility of finding cool toys and gadgets that our kids will love.  The challenge is finding toys in Spanish or bilingual toys that can engage our kids and help us by not having to hand off another ipad or phone.

My daughter is now 4, and I have created this list for the past 3 years.  As she continues to grow, it is becoming harder to find age appropriate toys, but lucky for you, I did all the research.

Here are my Top Bilingual Spanish Toys and Gifts For Children

Bilingual Toys & Gifts for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Older Kids

1. Lil Libros Books

If you're not familiar with the Lil Libros books, these are a must have for your baby's book library.  Not only is the artwork colorful and fun, but they all also tie back to Latinx culture.  These also make great baby shower gifts, that will make any new mama go "awww."

Lil Libros Books - Mi Legasi





LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book Bilingual (Amazon Exclusive)

Recommended Ages: 18 Months - 2 Years

Bilingual Leapfrog Electronic Toy

Last year Leapfrog came out with this exclusive item with Amazon and I really liked and it even was a finalist for the Toy of The Year Award. It is stimulating, has nice pictures and says the words out loud.  Word categories include: pets, animals, food, mealtime, colors, activities, opposites, outside, vehicles, clothes, My body and fruit. It may be more for the early learner but I can see this transitioning into toddler and preschool years.  It's also very reasonably priced.


Leapfrog Learn and Groove Color Play Drum Bilingual

Recommended Ages: 6 months - 3 years

New this year is this top rated play drum.  As they play on the drum, children will learn in both English and Spanish about colors, opposites and counting numbers.  They have 3 musical styles, classical, marching, and salsa enough to make Tito Puente proud.  You'll have a musician in the making, que hable español!

Leapfrog Drum




Lufi and Friends Spanish Songbooks: 

Mis primeras Canciones de Cuna and Mis Primeras canciones de animales en español.

 Lufi and Friends Canciones de Animales    Lufi and Friends Canciones de Cuna

For babies, I love these books!  They are fun, babies can hear the songs while you follow along singing or you can turn off the music mode and it becomes a regular book. 



The Color Monster Pop Up Book

One of my daughter's favorite books of all time and my favorite book to gift is The Color Monster.  It is a beautifully crafted pop up book that teaches about different emotions.  The English version is the only version that is available as a pop up, and NOW the pop up is also available in Spanish.

The Color Monster English - Mi Legasi

The color Monster English - Mi Legasi

El Monstruo de los Colores - Mi Legasi



Melissa & Doug Spanish Alphabet Sound Puzzle (27 pcs)

Recommended Ages: 3+

Melissa and Doug Spanish Alphabet

Toddlers and preschoolers love puzzles.  They are great for fine motor skills, gross motor skills, memory, shape recognition, problem-solving, and even setting small goals.  We have the regular ABC version from Melissa and Doug but now they have one with sound in Español, which is definitely a great one to have.  The only downfall of these puzzles is that they don't come in a box so the pieces are very easy to lose, especially with little ones around the house.  We keep them in labeled ziplock bags.A new addition is the Spanish Numbers puzzle, great as a combo gift.


Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (Brunette)

Recommended Ages: 3+


 Baby ALive Sweet Tears Doll

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Doll

I wanted to get this doll for Victoria, my daughter, but she's just not into dolls, like at all.  She's into more Barbie-like dolls, but babies, well "are just for babies" in her words. However, I saw this doll at the store and loved it.  If your daughter loves dolls she'll love this one.  She cries real tears and has 35 phrases in English or Spanish!  She works with her accessories.  It's a great doll to teach nurturing and if they learn Español, even better!

Vtech Play Smart Preschool Laptop 

Recommended Ages: 3+

This preschooler laptop has 30 learning activities with learning.  Activities include identifying letters, letter sounds, shapes and numbers, and categorizing food into fruits and vegetables.  Play logic games, learn about animal sounds and footprints, and explore instrument sounds with a music game.  Activities introduce children to beginning Spanish words, letters and numbers.  This will be one of my daughter's Christmas gifts this year.

Vtech Preschooler Computer



Scrabble Spanish Edition

Now the classic game is available in Spanish and great to continue your family's bilingual journey.  It has letter additions like ñ and ch.  As a kid I remember playing the English version in Spanish with my parents picking a few tiles to modify, so it's great that they've added this edition!

Scrabble in SPanish Mi Legasi

The Princess in Black

For little girls, these books are our books of the year.  They are a great transition from picture books to chapter books.  The character is a princess by day and strong fighting superhero Princess in black when she's called to action. NOW most of them are available in Spanish, so these are a great gift addition for little girls.



There you have it!  My top 10 list for 2019's Spanish holiday gift guide for kids.  They may not be Frozen or Star Wars but you'll be happy to give them something that will continue to nurture their Spanish language learning.  Happy shopping :)

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