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Niños bilingües

Bilingual Spanish Books to Build Confidence in Children
February 01, 2023 | Niños bilingües

Confidence is assurance is oneself.  When we empower children to grow their confidence skills we are helping them obtain tools... Read More
In many Latino & Catholic centric countries Christmas is not over until El Dia de Reyes or Three Kings Day. ... Read More

Best Bilingual Spanish Toys for 2022
November 03, 2022 | Niños bilingües

If you want to raise a bilingual Spanish child, que hable Español, one of the best ways that you can... Read More

Bilingual Spanish Books About Love
February 10, 2022 | Niños bilingües

Love should not just be celebrated and expressed on special holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Father's Day.  Love... Read More

Bilingual Spanish Books About Family
July 17, 2021 | Niños bilingües

As a Latina mom, family is at the heart and core of my life.  I want to teach my young... Read More

Best Books to Teach your Child Spanish
July 07, 2021 | Niños bilingües

Colombian Books for Kids in English and Spanish
July 05, 2021 | Niños bilingües

As a Colombian mom raising a multicultural daughter, it's important to me that my daughter grows up understanding about my... Read More

Fun Summer Books for Kids in English and Spanish
June 27, 2021 | Niños bilingües

It's important to me as a Latina mom and American citizen that my multicultural daughter grows up learning about her... Read More

Kids Books About Friendship in Spanish and English
June 09, 2021 | Niños bilingües

There are many ways to teach kids about being a good friend.  Besides talking about it and modeling by having... Read More

Kids Potty Training Books in Spanish and English
June 01, 2021 | Niños bilingües

I'm assuming that if you're looking at this list of books you're in need of help getting your bilingual child... Read More
As a Latina mom raising a bilingual and potentially multilingual child in a fast paced and shifting world, I know... Read More
Having a daughter with very strong emotions and that suffers from anxiety, I am always looking for books that send... Read More

8 Bilingual Spanish Kids' Books About Moms
April 28, 2021 | Niños bilingües

Moms tend to have very special relationships with their young kids.  I love nurturing this relationship with my daughter and... Read More

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