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Why work with me, Janny?

You want to target millenial Latina moms.

You value professionalism.

You have an amazing product or service.

You use any of these keywords: Bilingual, Multicultural, Spanish, Latinx, Hispanic, Language, Books, Toys

My reach...

I am passionate about working with brands and companies that promote family,
empowering the Latina/o/x/e community, motherhood, and/or bilingualism
or multilingualism. Perhaps you should read About Me to know my story.

My community of followers (3k+), subscribers (2k+), and global listeners (63 countries) offers
your company a variety reach with the targeted demographic of the Latina/o/x/e or multicultural household.

Feel free to check out my media kit for an idea of current rates.

Here are a few ideas on how we can work together...

Sponsored Instagram Posts & Product Reviews

I love promoting bilingual toys, apps, educational material, and books. All of these help our moms and our community.

I accept sponsored posts and product reviews on an ongoing basis and will work with you to meet any deadlines. IG posts may include stories, feed posts, Reels, or IGTV videos.

Let me Host your Giveaway!

My readers, subscribers, and followers love a good giveaway!

Please email me at contact@milegasi.com if you would like me to host your giveaway on my blog or via social media.

Interview Me for Your Podcast or Speaking Engagements

I'm not a stranger to a mic and I am happy to be on your podcast, livestream, or stage. My most passionate subjects to talk about are the challenges of raising a bilingual or multilingual child, how to raise a bicultural or multicultural child, how to go after your dreams even after you fail, entrepreneurship, living a Latina and American life, podcasting 101, and losing my father to Covid-19.

Ready to Collab?

Want to learn more about the services offered through Mi Legasi? Send me a message to request pricing details or ask me any questions. I'll be happy to work with you on creating a campaign or strategy that will best highlight your company or product to our audience.

I also love working with others who share similar ideas and are as passionate about Latino culture, bilingual parenting, and the madrehood journey. Visit my Become a Contributor page to learn more about guest post opportunities.

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