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Bilingual Parenting

A new year brings with it new opportunities to define resolutions or goals.  As a mom, it is important to me that my goals also include my child and family.  As a Latina mom raising a bilingual, multicultural child, it is important to me that I continue on my bilingual journey, having goals, but not stressing out about specifics.  You want your bilingual journey as a family to be natural and as stress free as possible.  Here are my goals for the new year that you, as a bilingual or multicultural parent, may relate to or may inspire you:
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I grew up speaking Spanish at home and English at school.  My parents spoke only Spanish with us, even though my father was bilingual.  My siblings and I spoke English every opportunity we got, much to our parents displeasure.  We hated speaking Spanish.  To us it was simply a way of communicating with our family.  It wasn't until years later that I truly appreciated the effort my parents put forth making sure we were able to speak, read, and write Español.
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