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Empowering Parents to Raise Bilingual Spanish Children Connected to Their Latino roots.

Are you a parent that wants to raise a bilingual child but doesn'tt know where to start, how to continue, wondering if it's too late, or not feeling supported?

My mission at Mi Legasi (pronounced Me Legacy) is to empower you, the bicultural or multicultural parent with useful information to help you in this bilingual parenting journey.

Here you will find blogs that celebrate our culture, book recommendations for little bilingual (or soon-to-be) minds, and even a course to motivate and support you in this bilingual parenting journey right in the comfort of your home.

I also have a podcast where you can learn and be inspired by other mothers like you, and sure, cute wear for the entire familia.

That's great, but who really is Janny?

Hola, Hola, I'm Janny Perez, it's so nice to meet you! You're probably wondering if I'm a Spanish teacher, language specialist, or speech pathologist. La verdad? None of those. I'm a passionate bilingual parenting mami with a journey growing up Latina that I'd like to share with you...

A Latina growing up in Miami

That's me, with a paleta in my mouth with my familia.I was born in Colombia but my parents immigrated to the U.S when I was very young. I grew up in Miami among Cubans and South Americans. While we kept our Colombian traditions alive (hello arepitas and buñuelos) I found a love for pastelitos de guayaba, congri, Walter Mercado, and the greatest, Celia Cruz. I always felt Latina first.

An American Going to Design School

I went to a fashion design school in Chicago and for the first time in my life, I felt more American. I found and learned about other cultures like Polish and Italian and was introduced to el Barrio Pilsen with its yummy restaurants and the Jibaritos of Humboldt Park. I was the first college graduate in my familia and earned a scholarship to study abroad in London, where I got exposed to even more cultures and languages.

A Multicultural Family is Born and so is Mi Legasi, well sort of...

After my studies in London, I made my way to New York City, a designer with a dream. I met my rockstar Bulgarian husband and in 2015 we welcomed our multicultural daughter Victoria. I knew that I wanted her to grow up learning and celebrating her cultures and speaking Español, the idea for Mi Legasi was born.

How it began...

In 2017, I launched a subscription box-based business to help families connect with their culture, raise bilingual Spanish kids, and celebrate moms. Well, that didn't turn out so great and I stopped creating the boxes. That's ok because in the process I found my voice and have now created an empowering global Latina mom and family brand.

Building a community...

  • Today Mi Legasi is home to The Latina Mom Legacy podcast, a top 100 Apple parenting podcast, listened to in 63 countries with thousands of downloads.
  • It's also home to various blogs that help you raise bilingual kids and celebrate Hispanic heritage.
  • You can also take a course to take the guesswork out of bilingual parenting.
  • You can also view our Store and see products that support your bilingual parenting journey.

What about you? I'd love to get to know you....The easiest way is to join La Lista :)

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