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Introducing Janny: Your Keeping it Real Bilingual Parenting Educator

Hola, Hola, I'm Janny Perez, and it's a pleasure to meet you. You might be wondering about my qualifications as a bilingual parenting educator. While I'm not a certified Spanish teacher, language specialist, or speech pathologist, I bring a wealth of real-world experience and passion to the table.

My Journey as a Latina Growing Up in Miami & Moving to Colombia

That's me, with a paleta in my mouth with my familia.I was born in Colombia, but my family immigrated to the U.S. when I was a baby, and we settled in Miami. Our household had a simple yet powerful rule: "en esta casa solo se habla español" (in this house, we only speak Spanish).

At the age of 13, I moved back to Colombia and continued my studies in Spanish until I graduated high school. Talk about culture shock. Growing up in two worlds I embraced my Colombian & American heritage while also developing a deep appreciation for the diverse Latin cultures around me. Speaking Spanish was not just a language; it was an integral part of my daily life.

My Path as an American Attending Design School & Living Abroad

My journey led me to Chicago, where I pursued a degree in fashion design. This experience exposed me to various cultures, including Polish and Italian communities. I explored vibrant neighborhoods like el Barrio Pilsen and Humboldt Park, savoring delicious dishes like Jibaritos. For the first time, I felt the true essence of being American, celebrating cultural diversity.

My education took me to London, where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in even more cultures and languages. It was during this time that I recognized the immense value of bilingualism. Although I wasn't a language specialist, my linguistic skills became a valuable asset, both personally and professionally.

The Birth of a Multicultural Family and Mi Legasi

My journey continued to Florida and eventually New York City, where I spent over two decades refining my expertise in product design, teaching college students, and furthering my career. I embarked on a global adventure, traveling to places like China, where my basic Mandarin skills served me well. I even worked in Mexico seamlessly, thanks to my language adaptability.

I married my Bulgarian husband and in 2015, my life took a remarkable turn when I welcomed my multicultural daughter, Victoria, into the world. This pivotal moment ignited my deep-seated passion for raising her multilingually and celebrating her diverse heritage. Drawing from my own career experiences, where language had propelled me forward, I was determined to equip my daughter with this invaluable tool.

The idea for Mi Legasi was born.

The Inception of Mi Legasi & The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

In 2017, I initially launched a subscription box-based business aimed at helping families connect with their culture and raise bilingual Spanish-speaking kids while celebrating motherhood. Although the box venture didn't go as planned, it marked the beginning of my empowering journey in the global Latina mom and family community.

With over five years of hosting a top global podcast, "The Latina Mom Legacy," interviewing moms raising bilingual kids, collaborating with language experts, authoring a bilingual parenting book, and creating a comprehensive bilingual parenting course, I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with you. My commitment is to provide guidance and support to fellow parents embarking on this incredible bilingual parenting adventure. Together, we'll celebrate our rich cultural heritage and nurture confident, multilingual children to give them and our community an opportunity for a better future.

Your Go-To Place For Everything Bilingual Spanish Parenting

  • Today Mi Legasi is home to The Latina Mom Legacy podcast, a top 100 Apple parenting podcast, with a global listenership spanning 73 countries and boasting thousands of downloads, it has emerged as an influential voice in the realm of bilingual parenting.
  • Within our digital sanctuary, you'll discover language and heritage-rich blogs thoughtfully crafted to assist you in nurturing bilingual children and celebrating Hispanic heritage.
  • For those yearning to embark on a guided journey into the world of bilingual parenting, our transformative course eliminates the guesswork, ensuring a smoother path ahead.
  • You can also view our Store and see products that support your bilingual parenting journey.
  • Dive deeper with my book, "Nobody Told Me This About Raising a Bilingual Child" a trusted companion on your quest for success in bilingual parenting journey.

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