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The Mi LegaSí Story

At Mi Legasi, we're dedicated to empowering Latino/e/x and multicultural families by preserving language and culture. What began as a bilingual Spanish subscription box venture in 2017 blossomed into "The Latina Mom Legacy" podcast, brimming with inspiration and educational content for parents.

Through heartfelt interviews, an enriching course, and insightful blogs, Mi Legasi guides families in celebrating their heritage while nurturing confident, bilingual or multilingual children. Join us in fostering cross-generational bonds and unlocking the full potential of bilingualism for a brighter, more culturally connected future.

Our Founder: A Trailblazer in Bilingual Parenting Advocacy

Meet Janny Perez: a Latina mom, accomplished author, parent mentor, and trusted voice in bilingual parenting. Raised in a Spanish-Speaking household in Miami, she experienced the transformative power of bilingualism and culture firsthand. Cafecito con pastelito de guayaba anyone?

After starting her own multicultural and multilingual family in NYC, she was driven to empower families like hers. Thus, she founded Mi Legasi: a platform dedicated to helping families preserve language and culture for future generations.

Your Go-To Place For Everything Bilingual Spanish Parenting

  • Today Mi Legasi is home to The Latina Mom Legacy podcast, a top 100 Apple parenting podcast, with a global listenership spanning 73 countries and boasting thousands of downloads, it has emerged as an influential voice in the realm of bilingual parenting.
  • Within our digital sanctuary, you'll discover language and heritage-rich blogs thoughtfully crafted to assist you in nurturing bilingual children and celebrating Hispanic heritage.
  • For those yearning to embark on a guided journey into the world of bilingual parenting, our transformative course eliminates the guesswork, ensuring a smoother path ahead.
  • You can also view our Store and see products that support your bilingual parenting journey.
  • Dive deeper with my book, "Nobody Told Me This About Raising a Bilingual Child" a trusted companion on your quest for success in bilingual parenting journey.

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